Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taylor Hicks and Billie Jean King~Fan Meets Fan!

Taylor Hicks appeared on MyFox Philadelphia today on their Good Day segment. He did a brief interview and performed a fantastic acoustic version of his new hit single,
"Seven Mile Breakdown."

While the performance was a highlight of the appearance, clearly the highlight for Taylor Hicks was that Billie Jean King, who was also on the show, was in the audience clapping along with the song. She was obviously impressed and came forward to shake hands with Taylor after his song. He was thrilled and you could tell, he was a FAN. After the performance, they cut away and then returned to a backstage scene, where Billie Jean signed Taylor's harmonica. This was a FAN MOMENT to cherish for him and for us! He was definitely excited and we weren't sure just WHO was the bigger fan of I have included a screencap of that moment backstage, since this part isn't yet on the Fox website archive.

To watch Taylor Hicks interview and performance on Good Day Philly, go here:

To get more screencaps from this show, including the backstage Billy Jean segment, check our member area on our media board.

So very cool to see a fan meet a fan!

"Grease" is now in Philadelphia until July 19th, so don't miss it! Oh, and it is still illegal to record any portion of the actual theatre performance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor HIcks~Acoustic Magic in Michigan~

Last night, Taylor Hicks brought his special brand of blue eyed soul to the Detroit area. At The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI, the heat was not only coming from the weather outside!

Taylor Hicks in an acoustic show is something to behold and something to treasure for a long time to come. He spent the show in a chair with guitar and harp, surrounded by his "home boys," Brian Less on keyboards, John Kulinich on guitar, and Jason Parker on bass, all from the Birmingham area. You could not have asked for a better evening! His music included some early works and his new songs, which featured amazing versions of "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness," and "Maybe You Should," plus the added enjoyment of "Don't Let Me Down," with the fantastic skills of Brian Less. If you are a Brian fan as well as a Taylor fan, then you were very HAPPY last night!

I was lucky enough to attend and stand at the edge of the stage, so was able to hear and see this show quite well. As I looked back on what seemed to be a sellout house, the Joy and Enthusiasm on the faces of those there were evident. Taylor did one encore and truly brought down the roof on The Magic Bag! The venue was excellent....plenty of seating for all who didn't want to stand, and a nice pit which was not crowded. The air was nice and cool, but the atmosphere was HOT and ALIVE with excitement and music that to me, was unequaled by many other Taylor Hicks concerts that I have seen. "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" gave me chills and Taylor's voice could not have been better on this beautiful song. "Maybe You Should" was also tender and moving. Both songs brought some of us to tears with their intensity and passion.

This was a no video allowed venue and hopefully that will be honored. But photography was allowed and the photos are plentiful and awesome! The crowd was fantastic, receptive, considerate of silence when it was desired and cheering for each number for all they were worth! It was indeed a Bagful of Magic to share this special acoustical evening with an audience full of folks who were there loving Taylor Hicks and the band and the music. It is an experience that I will treasure always.

If you have ANY change to see Taylor and this new band in an acoustic setting, RUN TO THE NEAREST ONE! You will come away bewitched....that's a promise.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Mitch Jones Interview

The Taylor Hicks Community is happy to once again bring you an interview with another friend and band mate of Taylor Hicks. Mitch Jones joins us to give some insights on those early days with Taylor and also to give us some info on his terrific new band, Buffalo Black. This is an Americana/Indie band playing in the Birmingham, AL area. They have a great new CD coming out July 27th and Brian Less and Patrick Lunceford stop in to play with them.

Mitch has some interesting and fun memories of Taylor Hicks as Taylor's friend and bass player for his former band Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, and is happy to share these with fans. Here is the link to check out this great interview and while you are there, check out our other interviews with Taylor's buddies. This read is open to everyone, members and non members, but you do need to be a member to talk with Mitch there.

Enjoy, and remember to pick up a copy of Taylor Hicks The Distance and a copy of Buffalo Black's new CD on June 27th at itunes!

Link to interview:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Motown Welcomes You!

Taylor Hicks breezed into Detroit~Motown area on Monday of this week. True to his hard driven work style, he came directly from the airport to a CD signing at Borders Books in Novi, Michigan where he treated fans to not only signing, but photos and some close up and personal chit chat. I was fortunate enough to attend and so much appreciated the care and attention he gave everyone. He went on to open in "Grease" Tuesday at the prestigious and gorgeous Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit, and then proceeded to hit the media this morning!

WRIF radio station and Fox News Detroit TV both made it a Taylor Hicks morning. The singer of blue eyed soul gave two fantastic acoustic performances of his new hit single, "Seven Mile Breakdown," as well as two very nice interviews. Taylor was his usual charming southern soulman and talked about everything from Idol to his new music to the Red Wings and Hockey Town!

If you are a Taylor Hicks fan, there is NO shortage of appearances in the Detroit area over the next few weeks. Here is a run-down:
---"Grease" at the Fisher Theatre from June 9th through June 28th.
---Acoustic concert at The Magic Bag in Ferndale on June 22th, tickets $35.
---Performing the National Anthem at the Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox baseball game at Comerica Park on June 25th at 1 pm.

Be sure to catch some or all of these opportunities to see, hear, and meet Taylor Hicks! You can purchase VIP ticket packages including Meet and Greets for "Grease" and The Magic Bag through his Official Fanclub at this link:

You can also obtain tickets for "Grease" at
Regular tickets for The Magic Bag are available Ticketmaster or at their website right here:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Triple Door Excitement!

If you happened to be in Seattle this week, you would have had the chance to see a unique and energetic concert. Taylor Hicks appeared at the Triple Door and by all accounts, RAWKED the house! Mixing new music with some of his well known earlier CDs, the blue eyed soul singer gave his usual 110% performance, which has thrilled his audiences since the minute he first stepped onto the Idol stage until the present.

Songs in the Taylor Hicks set list included: "The Distance," "What's Right is Right," "I Live On A Battlefield," "Seven Mile Breakdown," and some earlier music..."Gonna Move," and "Heaven Knows/Maze." All in all, it proved to be a wonderful evening for those who were lucky enough to attend.

If you were not among those lucky folks, you can still share in the enjoyment through fans who filmed this event and shared that media. TTHC has several videos and photos to view and download, so if you were not able to make it to Taylor Hicks Triple Door concert or want to re-live the show, check out our Shadow Tour Media for The Triple Door at the TTHC Media Board.

It was a great show and many are looking forward to the next Shadow Show in Michigan at The Magic Bag. Info for this new show can be found here:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Wynn Christian Interview

The Taylor Hicks Community is once again featuring an interview with one of Taylor's friends and band mates. Wynn Christian has given us a wonderful bit of insight and a look at those early days with Taylor Hicks and in the present also, with some info on the creative process for the new hit single from The Distance, "Seven Mile Breakdown."

Wynn is with the band Spoonful James, a terrific group of artists. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing them live, you can find information on their appearances at their MySpace or Facebook pages. Wynn and Taylor worked hard preparing SMB, already a Spoonful James fan favorite, to add to The Distance. It has taken off and become the new video for Taylor Hicks.

Wynn is a great guy with lots to say! Come on over and check this new interview out. And make sure to check out Spoonful James...their music is just fantastic!

Link to our interview, which is open to all fans:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taylor Hicks Wednesdays Are Fantastic!

Taylor Hicks Wednesdays have not disappointed fans thus far and today is NO exception to that! The new video for "Seven Mile Breakdown" done by Spence Nicholson has made its debut on and it is HAWT blue eyed soul with some country mixed in. The wide open scenery, the excitement of the young women getting ready for an outing, the fantastic sequences of Taylor in that red Corvette, and his performance all combine to make this one HELLUVA ride! There is energy in this video....the kind he exudes on stage...and the kind that makes you want to get up and dance. GREAT JOB, SPENCE AND TAYLOR!

You can click the link above to watch this and also please visit to watch it there as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks Debuts on AOL!

Wednesdays are proving to be exciting days for Taylor Hicks fans these last few weeks. Last Wednesday, we were treated to a fabulous performance on a return visit to the American Idol Results show and this Wednesday, we get a new video!

Taylor Hicks premieres his new video for his new hit single, "Seven Mile Breakdown" on AOL music. Fans everywhere experienced such pleasure watching his first video by the very talented Jake Davis for "What's Right is Right," and have eagerly awaited a new one. Spence Nicholson has worked his magic with Taylor as well and it has come to us fast!

Be sure to check out AOL music this Wednesday and give our SoulMan some support there for this great song that is sure to produce a great video. I cannot wait to see it!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks~American Idol Performance Rocked!

Last night, Taylor Hicks returned to the American Idol stage with his best foot forward. He sang a country mix of his new awesome single, "Seven Mile Breakdown," complete with harp! He got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges, even Simon

Taylor Hicks ROCKED that AI stage last night. He was perfection in every way and the AI band did him justice without overshadowing his voice. It was real blue eyed soul night on AI and our SoulMan delievered! You can watch this fantastic performance on the embedded video above. This is a great second single release for Taylor and it has also been added to country music stations. There is also a new Taylor Hicks music video on the way for SMB, done by Spence Nicholson.

If you are not getting enough Taylor Hicks lately, then you must be asleep or in a coma :) He has lit up the radio and television stations, as well as continuing to grace the "Grease" stage, in every city he visits and has done some after shows in some areas.

Did America get the Season Five vote right?

For media and screencaps, visit TTHC. You will need to be a member to see these.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks On IdoI~It's Official!


Taylor will be performing on the results show of American Idol next Wednesday at 9 pm. Here is the announcement from his myspace:

"Taylor on American Idol!
It's official!!! Taylor will be performing his latest single, 'Seven Mile Breakdown,' on American Idol next Wednesday, April 29! Tune into Fox at 9/8c to see Taylor back on the stage where it all began!"

Taylor Hicks returns to the stage where he became known to adoring fans all over America and also Internationally. When he recounts his days there, he always describes how he stayed focused and how important song choice is. Well, his choice of song for this appearance is going to BLOW THEM AWAY!

Don't miss this! Set your recorders, tune in, spread the word. Taylor returns with his blue eyed soul and hot beat to the AI stage and is sure to thrill the audience and viewers everywhere.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Bodyguards For The Soul

Taylor Hicks is everywhere these days! Last night, he showed up on a segment of Fox Reality Channel's new show Bodyguards. The show chronicles the professional and personal lives of the two bodyguards Carmine and Mikey who work for high profile clients in New York at the various events which they attend. Our SoulMan was a big feature of this first show, reflecting his transportation and arrival to the Broadway Theatre and his attendance at the an evening event later on.

One of the BEST and most touching moments was when Taylor requested Carmine to stop in front of the large billboard featuring Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel in "Grease," so he could get a photo to "send home to his folks." How humble and cute is that?
Of course, there was Carmine's take on this maneuver, that Taylor was surrounded by energetic fans and only one bodyguard to protect him, and that once back in the vehicle, Taylor appeared a bit taken aback by the crowds. I am not sure if this was staging for the show or Taylor really felt that way, because he has encountered this everywhere he goes since winning Idol. But this is a great piece of footage for Taylor Hicks fans and a lot of fun to watch! They will repeat the show, I believe today. TTHC also has a capture of this to watch and keep in our "Grease" member section. I loved watching this and loved when Carmine said "He is hot!" I am pretty sure he didn't mean it like some of us do...LOL...but it is true on many levels. Taylor Hicks is definitely hot property on and offstage these days!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taylor Hicks~View From The Bay Is A Good View!

Taylor Hicks graced the San Francisco media viewing area once again yesterday, with a return appearance on View From The Bay. He sang "7 Mile Breakdown," and this time it wasn't with a production or tour band. It was pure Taylor, acoustic and hot!
I have heard this song several times, both from SpoonfulJames and from Taylor, and never thought I'd enjoy it as much the way it was performed on the View From The Bay. However Taylor Hicks, as always, showed his versatility with just a chair, a guitar, and the most beautiful instrument of all....his voice.

If you have not had a chance to see Taylor Hicks in this performance and cute interview at the end, head over to this link where they archive their show segments. I think the West Coast is getting a HEAVY DOSE of Heart and Soul...and I think they are loving it!

Link to watch View From the Bay~Taylor Hicks Performance:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Best of the West!

There is a STIR on the west coast and it's not an earthquake. Taylor Hicks has arrived and is shaking up the place! Starting with San Diego, moving to LA, and now in San Francisco, Taylor has entertained countless new and present fans in his role as Teen Angel in "Grease" and has added a shadow tour show full of his unique music to each venue city, as well as introducing his new hit single at the close of each play performance.

The Belly Up Tavern in the San Diego area was a fabulous show and many lucky fans got to enjoy this, close up and personal. Taylor also performed at the legendary Roxy, which was an awesome experience! He will be at the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on April 14th and is scheduled to appear at The Triple Door in Seattle on May 27th.

The west coast press has been courting Taylor Hicks since he arrived. You cannot turn on a radio or TV in the area without an interview or reference to the SoulMan from Alabama, who has captured our hearts in so many ways. Now that cameras are allowed at the shadow tours, you can find media all over from the Roxy. If you want some exclusive and amazing quality videos from our members who were fortunate enough to attend, you can find them on our Taylor Hicks Community media board in our Shadow Tours section. Our members also brought back some gorgeous photos!

Be sure to check your area for "Grease" and if you are lucky, also find a shadow tour which features the new music of Taylor Hicks from his great new CD. Taylor is trying to schedule a shadow show in most of the venue cities, so there is a good chance you can find one near you. Get up and close and personal in an intimate setting, where you can experience the blue eyed soul sound of Taylor Hicks singing his early works and new songs. You won't soon forget it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Friends Speak Out

The Taylor Hicks Community is pleased to bring you yet another great interview from a friend and bandmate of Taylor Hicks. Brian Gallagher has given us some of his insights about touring and recording with Taylor, plus some awesome info on his own music and upcoming CD. Check it out here! Thanks so much, and your sax RAWK!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taylor Hicks is What's Right in China!

Taylor Hicks and his single, "What's Right is Right," have gone global! Apparently in China, they think enough of him to include him on their web page for new music and videos, and they even feature the video! Just for fun, here is their piece on Taylor Hicks. See if you can find the translation!

点击试听:希克斯新专辑主打歌《What's Right Is Right》
希克斯 - 《What's Right Is Right》

《What's Right Is Right》是泰勒·希克斯(Taylor Hicks)即将发行的第二张录音室专辑《The Distance》中的第一支单曲。专辑《The Distance》由著名音乐人西蒙·克莱米(Simon Climie)制作,西蒙之前曾帮助埃里克·克莱普顿(Eric Clapton)、卡洛斯·桑塔纳(Carlos Santana)和费斯·希尔(Faith Hill)等艺人打造热门单曲。这张专辑计划于3月10日在美国发行,歌迷们还将在专辑中听到吉他手道尔·布莱姆豪尔(Doyle Bramhall II)、贝司手纳森·伊斯特(Nathan East)以及鼓手阿比·莱伯瑞艾尔(Abe Laboriel Jr)的声音。 (本文来源:网易娱乐专稿 )

To see the entire page with everyone else's music along with Taylor Hicks, click this link:


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Belly Up and West Coast Lovin It!

From all accounts, it sounds like Taylor Hicks not only took the "Grease" stage by storm, but completely floored those lucky attendees to the Belly Up show last Wednesday evening! Many fans of all ages crowded the venue to either get a first glimpse at Taylor Hicks in concert or to be there as loyal fans who were stoked to see him in their territory. They were not disappointed.

Taylor Hicks sang his blue eyed soul heart out! He sang, tagged, stomped, harped, and charmed his way into the audience and left them breathless. San Diego gave Taylor a great deal of press before this event and also regarding his "Grease" tour there. This seems to have proven itself invaluable for getting the word out about the Belly Up appearance, as evidenced by the full house and delighted fans. Reports from various groups state this was THE show to see and for those lucky enough to have attended...YEA! Here is a set list:

The Distance
Give Me Tonight
Heaven Knows/The~Maze tags Wild World/Did Ye Get Healed
Heart And Soul~tags Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Lodi
Woman's Gotta Have It
Gonna Move~tag Jet Airliner
I Live On A Battlefield
The Deal
Seven Mile Breakdown
Hide Nor Hair What's Right Is Right
Soul Thing (
My Sweet Lord

Since I was not able to attend, you will have to search around the various sites for firsthand reports. I notice one of my favs, "Once Upon A Lover," was not included but I am hoping for a future venue which I can attend, to include this great dance song.

Be sure to check out this wonderful blog and the gorgeous pictures! They were asked to cover the event by Taylor's people and they did a super job! Leave them a thank you, while you are there :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks~San Diego Loves You!

Taylor Hicks is out in San Diego for his "Grease" performance and a shadow tour show at the Belly Up tonight. He must be a very tired man today, because yesterday he was EVERYWHERE! If you haven't seem the impressive media blitz, then you have a long night's viewing ahead of you. Their media can't seem to get enough of him, with radio interviews, video interviews, and many photos. And Taylor's charm shines through in each and every one...they adore him!

In case you have not taken advantage of all of this wonderfulness, you can find this amazing list of viewing and listening pleasure right here on
Get some popcorn and a comfy chair, and have a great time with these! Taylor has taken San Diego TV and Radio by storm and we glad he did!

Here is where you can find the list of viewing sites:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~The Distance Nails It!

AOL has removed their listening party page for Taylor Hicks The Distance, but the lyrics and melodies remain with those who have listened. For the most part, reactions have been very positive and for me, rightly so. Barnes and Noble now has samples, not full songs, where fans can listen once again and mull over their choices.

As I remember and re-listen to the snippets, I find myself still drawn to the same songs I first heard. "Maybe You Should" is the Taylor Hicks masterpiece of the CD to me, with its bluesy and gut wrenching sound and words. I can't say enough about how fantastic this song is, especially the production of it. It is quiet and resigned, yet so moving...because of that very tone. "What's Right is Right" remains a true favorite also. The song I cannot get out of my head and which keeps my feet moving is the Latin flavored song, "Once Upon A Lover of Mine." While some feel it is not the favorite on the CD, to me it screams DANCE AND PARTY! I adore Latin music and the beat, and I think Taylor does an awesome job on this particular cut. It is a departure from his usual style, yet it is done with his typical Taylor uniqueness that makes it his own. I am thinking this will be a blast to see and hear at a live show and that he will have a great time performing it. I also am drawn to "I Live On A Battlefield" and "The Distance," which is the title song. Again, the words hit me first and the melodies they are set to are a wonderful pairing.

The light hearted songs, such as "Keepin It Real," and "Wedding Day Blues," are not as addictive to me as the ones above. That being said, I do love them for their pure fun and I am looking forward to listening to these again, to get to know them better. "Woman's Gotta Have It" is without a doubt, the smash soul song of the CD. Elliott Yamin duets with Taylor Hicks and those two voices just BRING IT HOME! This is one of the songs I'd love to see a video of and also to see and hear live. All of the other songs have merit as well, and although "Nineteen" is a painful message to listen to, Taylor's version of this is just amazing.

All in all, I would say if you have not heard this new CD, get on over to Barnes and Nobel and treat yourself to a sample. And on March 10, be sure to purchase several for yourself and friends. This new Taylor Hicks blue eyed soul CD is going to cover and close The Distance in a very pleasing manner.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Soulful Studio C

Tuscon was hot this week and it wasn't just due to the weather. Taylor Hicks is lighting up the stage as Teen Angel, but made a stop at 92.9 The Mountain to appear on their Studio C segment. And what an appearance it was!

Studio C is an intimate look at an artist with interviews and music. This is Taylor Hicks at his acoustic finest...four songs...guitar and harp...and as much blue eyed soul as you can cram into a short time. This was a relaxed Taylor, playful with his audience, tender with the kids and their questions, and dead serious about giving his absolute best to his music. He sang "Bus Back to Birmingham," and then from his new CD, he sang "Seven Mile Breakdown." He followed that with a crowd pleaser, "The Fall," and ended with one of my favorites, "Alabama Frame of Mind."

This mini concert and his candid answers to the small audience, especially the kids, was one of the most enjoyable times to have spent with Taylor Hicks. He is truly remarkable as an artist, yet humble and so genuine that his charm shines through whether speaking or performing. If you were unlucky enough to have missed this amazing performance, do not fear! They are repeating it tonight at 8:30 pm and 11:30pm and tomorrow evening again at 11 pm. This is mountain time, so plan accordingly to where you live. Next week, Taylor's performance will be archived on their website to enjoy again and again. Check out their picture gallery while you are there. They have 53 gorgeous photos of Taylor in the studio!

Link to watch live this weekend:

Link to the Studio C on demand archives:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taylor Hicks~The Distance Arrives on AOL!

The wait for the new Taylor Hicks CD is over...well sort of. It isn't for sale yet, but you can listen to a full preview of the entire album right here:

This is a great way to get a taste of what lies in store for Taylor Hicks fans on March 10th. I don't want to influence anyone with my opinions, so get on over there and have a listen for yourself! OK...I take that back. Pay SPECIAL attention to the beautifully done song called "Maybe You Should," sure to be a fan favorite. Taylor Hicks' voice shines through in all its pure Soul and Passion on this gem. This is blue eyed soul at its best! I am also quite fond of the title song.

So far, most have high praise for this new creative effort from Taylor Hicks. Many AOL Listening Parties are only up for a few days, so if you have not had the PLEASURE of checking out The Distance by Taylor Hicks, better hurry! You won't be disappointed...there is something for everyone here!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taylor Hicks~This Video Is What's Right!

The long awaited Taylor Hicks video is here! It is every inch and every note and every beat what it promised to be. The combination of Jake Davis and Taylor Hicks is absolutely spot-on and the end product is one to be extremely proud of.

The mood and theme, the element of mystery and smokey nights, the hint of romance desired but not attained, every step of this endeavor spells Taylor Hicks blue eyed soul MAGIC! Please take a trip over to Yahoo, even though many sites have this embedded, and give this amazing video some hits and good ratings. This belongs in a class by itself.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Taylor Hicks And Jake Davis ~ Jake's Take!

As we all anticipate the new video from Taylor Hicks this coming Tuesday, fans are eager about what to expect and wondering about the process involved in creating it. Jake Davis has been teasing us with beautiful frames and hints about the type of film this will be. And we are waiting with much excitement for some blue eyed soul video!

The Taylor Hicks Community had a chance to get some insight from Jake about working with Taylor Hicks and about Jake's philosophies concerning film making in general. These are both fascinating and informative, and we thank him very much for taking the time to talk with us!

Check out our interview with Jake Davis on Connections, right here:

Also be sure to visit Jake's site links as thanks for taking the time to speak to fans about the making of the video for "What's Right is Right."

Jake's Links:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Another Friend Shares Memories!

The Taylor Hicks Community is happy to feature yet another interview by one of Taylor's buddies from the early days, who still remains close and admires Taylor greatly.

Wayne Mills has given us some very thoughtful and entertaining insights into his friend Taylor Hicks and their days together before Idol and after. Take a trip to our Early Taylor section and enjoy this wonderful interview, plus all of the others which Taylor's buddies have so graciously shared. If you haven't heard the Wayne Mills Band, then you are in for a real treat! You can check out his sites by the links at the bottom of our interview :) Plus we have never before seen video of Taylor and Wayne together in Huntsville!

You can read it right here:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks Video Debut!

February is going to be a HAWT month in Taylor Hicks land! The long awaited debut of his video for "What's Right is Right" is going to make its debut on the 17th.

The video was shot in Chicago on January 12th and from the reports of a few who were in attendance and from the director Jake Davis himself, this is going to be one SMOKIN video. Photos posted on Taylor Hicks official sites depict an old school feel to the video and the lighting is really superb.

Keep your eye on the media and internet on Feb 17th, so you don't miss Taylor Hicks new video for his fantastic new single, "What's Right is Right!"

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow is the day Taylor Hicks and "What's Right is Right" make their official debut on the music scene. The blue eyed soul singer has a sure hit with this one! Please remember to go to itunes and purchase this fantastic new single from his new CD The Distance. Let's get this song to the top where Taylor deserves to be!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taylor Hicks Covers The Distance

Taylor Hicks has been very busy these last few months with a tour of "Grease" and a new CD. He has covered a lot of distance and has made quite a splash on and offstage. Now that distance has been turned into a master project resulting in a brand new CD full of wonderful surprises! It is an endeavor which, in Taylor's own words, represents his true artistry.

Taylor's new album, The Distance, has an impressive track list of both covers and originals. The first single, "What's Right is Right," is being streamed on Taylor Hicks sites everywhere and has already been met with rave reviews. You can listen to it on this blog on our stream. For those who like a little mellow romance, The Distance offers you that. For those who want relevant music with some patriotic flavor, you will also find that on this CD. And for those whose tastes run to rockin blue eyed soul, you will that find in abundance.

You can now pre order this amazing new album from Amazon right here:

Track List for The Distance:
"Wedding Day Blues,"
"Seven Mile Breakdown,"
"What's Right Is Right"
"Woman's Gotta Have It"
"New Found Freedom"
"The Distance"
"I Live on a Battlefield"
"Maybe You Should"
"Once Upon a Lover of Mine"
"Keepin' It Real"

This is going to be a CD worth waiting for! Produced by Simon Climie and distributed by Artist2Market on Taylor Hicks' own label, Modern Whomp Records, it features such greats as Doyle Bramhall II, Nathan East and Abe Laboriel Jr. Collaboration between Taylor Hicks and some dynamite song writers insures a listening experience sure to satisfy!

Get over to Amazon and get your copy. Get a few copies and spread the word. Taylor Hicks is covering The Distance in a Big Way! The new single drops on January 27th and the CD drops on March 10th.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Tayor Hicks~What's Right is Right~And THIS Is RIGHT!

OK the Taylor Hicks moment fans everywhere have been dying for has arrived. The single! It is now streamed on TH.HQ, so if you have a membership, get over there now. If you don't, well...this may be the answer to why sign up again :)

You can find the Taylor Hicks stream of "What's Right is Right" on the Main Page of HQ under the Grapevine. If this song doesn't melt you into a puddle of mush, then you must be made of ceeeement!

Go and Enjoy....I know my finger is falling off from hitting that repeat button. And PLEASE let's hope this doesn't turn up on any site that is not one of Taylor Hicks sites, since it is not available as a legal free download and will be for sale next week. This song is a sure hit with all the blue eyed soul, gospel, romantic aspects that any one mellow song could include. The lyrics are so is what the essence of every romance or friendship should be...great mass appeal.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taylor Hicks Heats Up Frozen Chicago!

Our weather report here states that it is the coldest winter in Chicago in eight years. But not to worry...Taylor Hicks is in the windy, frozen city this week again, and by all indications is hot enough property there to thaw them out!

It is a Taylor Hicks feast on the local radio and televison stations in Chicago and our singer of blue eyed soul music is well received there. He has made appearances on WGN and CBS, singing and interviewing. He has spoken to Dean Richards on WGN radio for a great interview and spent time with Roe Conn on WLS radio, giving a terrific Q&A and dialog for delighted listeners.

"Grease" tickets are selling like wildfire for the Chicago performances, and the appearance this Saturday night at Martyrs is reportedly nearly sold out. What better testimonty could there be to Taylor Hicks appeal than this? His charm on the stage is evident and that same southern charm comes through in all of his Chicago interviews. It seems everyone in that city is taken with Taylor Hicks and this is no surprise. He has delighted audiences since his first appearance on Idol and has continued to dazzle fans with his tours and TV appearances all over the United States and even overseas.

So if you are worried about making the trip to Chicago in the bitter cold...or if you live in the area and are hesitant about venturing out...just chuck those fears to the high winds there. Taylor Hicks is in Chicago and is burning up the stage and the airways, so you will be toasty warm in no time! Get to "Grease" and if there are tickets left for the wonderfully intimate Martyrs, take your frozen body over there and thaw out with some HAWT Taylor Hicks music!

Tickets to "Grease" and Martyrs can be purchased through Ticketmaster.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Wows WGN Chicago

Taylor Hicks made an appearance on WGN Chicago yesterday morning and quite thoroughly charmed everyone. He did a brief interview at first and then gave a very different and fantastic performance of his original song, "The Fall." His voice was very smooth, especially for 7 am! He sang with his typical passion and sincerity, which came through loud and clear. As I watched this, I was struck again by the dept of the lyrics and melody of "The Fall," and reminded again that Taylor has a magnificient gift for writing and presenting his music. And again I realized why I love this man's music so very much.

Afterward, Dean from WGN spent some time with Taylor and got a very excellent and interesting interview, inclusive of everything from "Grease" to music to favorite kid TV shows. It was a wonderful morning with Taylor Hicks and very good press for "Grease," which is now being presented at the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago. Taylor will also be interviewed by Dean again on WGN Radio at 11 am EST this Sunday. If you missed any of this super Tuesday with Taylor, you can watch it on the WGN site right here:
Just go to the right sidebar and click 'MORE' and then click Live Performances. You will find Taylor there. Also be sure to check out the performance by Buddy Guy. A DOUBLE TREAT! For some extra eye candy, stop by The Taylor Hicks Community media board in our "Grease" forum for some outstanding photos of this memorable morning with Taylor Hicks.

Enjoy and if you are in the Chicago area, don't forget to pick up your tickets for "Grease" for an evening you will love!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks~New Single Preview!

If you are among the fans impatiently waiting to hear new music from Taylor Hicks, you can now listen to a snippet of his new single, "What's Right is Right!" Head on over to Amazon and take a won't be sorry. It's worth the wait for it to be released!

Link to Listen:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~January 2007

Thinking back one year to where Taylor Hicks was in January, it is no surprise to find he was standing in front of LARGE audiences entertaining, just like he is now! One of the more memorable appearances was at the Liberty Bowl and Gala party, where he was interviewed on the football field and then shared his charm and talents with the party goers later on.

If you have not gotten to see the Taylor Hicks media from this event or have forgotten how really terrific it was, come on over to The Taylor Hicks Community's Take 2 section, where we are remembering the Liberty Bowl as one of the places where our SoulMan spent his last January. And then get yourself some tickets to "Grease" in Chicago and the after show at Martyrs for this January! This is what GOOD memories are made of!

Link to Liberty Bowl Memories:

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