Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor HIcks~Acoustic Magic in Michigan~

Last night, Taylor Hicks brought his special brand of blue eyed soul to the Detroit area. At The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI, the heat was not only coming from the weather outside!

Taylor Hicks in an acoustic show is something to behold and something to treasure for a long time to come. He spent the show in a chair with guitar and harp, surrounded by his "home boys," Brian Less on keyboards, John Kulinich on guitar, and Jason Parker on bass, all from the Birmingham area. You could not have asked for a better evening! His music included some early works and his new songs, which featured amazing versions of "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness," and "Maybe You Should," plus the added enjoyment of "Don't Let Me Down," with the fantastic skills of Brian Less. If you are a Brian fan as well as a Taylor fan, then you were very HAPPY last night!

I was lucky enough to attend and stand at the edge of the stage, so was able to hear and see this show quite well. As I looked back on what seemed to be a sellout house, the Joy and Enthusiasm on the faces of those there were evident. Taylor did one encore and truly brought down the roof on The Magic Bag! The venue was excellent....plenty of seating for all who didn't want to stand, and a nice pit which was not crowded. The air was nice and cool, but the atmosphere was HOT and ALIVE with excitement and music that to me, was unequaled by many other Taylor Hicks concerts that I have seen. "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" gave me chills and Taylor's voice could not have been better on this beautiful song. "Maybe You Should" was also tender and moving. Both songs brought some of us to tears with their intensity and passion.

This was a no video allowed venue and hopefully that will be honored. But photography was allowed and the photos are plentiful and awesome! The crowd was fantastic, receptive, considerate of silence when it was desired and cheering for each number for all they were worth! It was indeed a Bagful of Magic to share this special acoustical evening with an audience full of folks who were there loving Taylor Hicks and the band and the music. It is an experience that I will treasure always.

If you have ANY change to see Taylor and this new band in an acoustic setting, RUN TO THE NEAREST ONE! You will come away bewitched....that's a promise.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Mitch Jones Interview

The Taylor Hicks Community is happy to once again bring you an interview with another friend and band mate of Taylor Hicks. Mitch Jones joins us to give some insights on those early days with Taylor and also to give us some info on his terrific new band, Buffalo Black. This is an Americana/Indie band playing in the Birmingham, AL area. They have a great new CD coming out July 27th and Brian Less and Patrick Lunceford stop in to play with them.

Mitch has some interesting and fun memories of Taylor Hicks as Taylor's friend and bass player for his former band Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, and is happy to share these with fans. Here is the link to check out this great interview and while you are there, check out our other interviews with Taylor's buddies. This read is open to everyone, members and non members, but you do need to be a member to talk with Mitch there.

Enjoy, and remember to pick up a copy of Taylor Hicks The Distance and a copy of Buffalo Black's new CD on June 27th at itunes!

Link to interview:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Motown Welcomes You!

Taylor Hicks breezed into Detroit~Motown area on Monday of this week. True to his hard driven work style, he came directly from the airport to a CD signing at Borders Books in Novi, Michigan where he treated fans to not only signing, but photos and some close up and personal chit chat. I was fortunate enough to attend and so much appreciated the care and attention he gave everyone. He went on to open in "Grease" Tuesday at the prestigious and gorgeous Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit, and then proceeded to hit the media this morning!

WRIF radio station and Fox News Detroit TV both made it a Taylor Hicks morning. The singer of blue eyed soul gave two fantastic acoustic performances of his new hit single, "Seven Mile Breakdown," as well as two very nice interviews. Taylor was his usual charming southern soulman and talked about everything from Idol to his new music to the Red Wings and Hockey Town!

If you are a Taylor Hicks fan, there is NO shortage of appearances in the Detroit area over the next few weeks. Here is a run-down:
---"Grease" at the Fisher Theatre from June 9th through June 28th.
---Acoustic concert at The Magic Bag in Ferndale on June 22th, tickets $35.
---Performing the National Anthem at the Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox baseball game at Comerica Park on June 25th at 1 pm.

Be sure to catch some or all of these opportunities to see, hear, and meet Taylor Hicks! You can purchase VIP ticket packages including Meet and Greets for "Grease" and The Magic Bag through his Official Fanclub at this link:

You can also obtain tickets for "Grease" at Ticketmaster.com.
Regular tickets for The Magic Bag are available Ticketmaster or at their website right here:

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