Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taylor Hicks_Angel Turns In His Wings

"Grease" is coming to a close tomorrow night. Taylor Hicks, who has filled the Teen Angel role since the summer of 2008 starting with Broadway and ending this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, will be turning in his Angel Wings for his guitar and harmonica again.

For many fans, "Grease" with Taylor was a fabulously fun experience no matter how many times one saw it. Others are longing for Taylor to return to touring his own music, a wish which seems likely to come true this summer. You can catch Taylor's upcoming shows at various venues, which will be listed on his Taylor Hicks Ning site. Last night, he graced the stage at Wind Creek Casino, judging a singing contest and performing six songs, and from all accounts it was a smash show!

I have seen "Grease" a few times and am heading there tomorrow night for the closing show. I have mixed feelings, being used to the weekly press promos for the play and being able to see Taylor perform not only his role in the play, but his hit single "Seven Mile Breakdown" after the play finale. However, I am also a lover of Taylor's touring shows with his own music and great covers. So for me, it was and is the best of both Taylor worlds. Whatever he does, it is done with grace and style and unique talent.

So....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, MR. HICKS, for making the theatre stage shine with your sparkling hair, sparking wings, and even more sparkling voice! I am so looking forward to following your next Journey and helping to support that along with your many other fans.

You are a true professional and a star always in our hearts :)

The Right Place_The View