Saturday, October 8, 2011

Taylor Hicks~My ORE Experience

So, my friends and I could not wait to get to the Taylor Hicks new restaurant ORE for dinner Friday night and experience what has been named the Best New Restaurant In Birmingham, AL! And we were NOT disappointed!

Let me first say that I had wonderful expectations from all of the descriptions I had read and photos I had seen, but I was still pleasantly surprised to find it even more classy than I anticipated. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate, as it's not a large room. For those who have been to The Open Door, you will find much familiar in the physical set up, yet much different in the decor. We sat in the dining room area so we could experience the full treatment before retiring to the bar area.

The wait staff could not have been more friendly and nice, and with a great sense of humor as well! My friend ordered one of their salads and I had the grilled salmon with sweet potato fries and a small salad. The food was superb...cooked and presented in a fresh and artistic manner and done to perfection. The salad was crisp and with a light but tangy dressing which whetted the appetite for more good things to come. My salmon was grilled just right with not too much oil and the chef brought out the full flavor. The sweet potato fries were some of the best I've tasted, again not too greasy and exactly the right texture and taste to the palate.

For my wine, I chose a Sauvignon blanc that was light and very pleasing. Our dessert was also a special treat...a giant chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. They were out of caramel sauce, but it was so moist we didn't even miss that part. Everything was wonderful and came out right on time...not too fast but not such a wait that we minded at all.

The best part of the experience was that Soul Man Taylor Hicks himself came in to greet his guests, stopping at each table to make sure everyone was enjoying their meal and service. He left and said he'd be back.

We took him at his word, which he definitely kept! After picking up our other friend from her late flight in, we returned to ORE for drinks and music. The featured band was Heath Green, who was truly a delight. After the first set, while we relaxed with our refreshments, Mr. Hicks again made an appearance at his fine establishment. Taylor Hicks entered and with him he brought the Magic that follows him everywhere. After socializing with friends and greeting his bar guests, he took his guitar to the stage area and began singing. It was a quiet approach, no announcements of TAYLOR HICKS, just a man in his own element enjoying some beer and singing his music for whoever wanted to listen. And boy, did everyone want to listen! Heath Green joined him for a few songs as well and he is a great musician.

Taylor sang "Where I'm From" or better known as "Alabama State of Mind" and it got me teary eyed to see and hear this great artist sitting in his own new restaurant and doing what he loves best...singing live to any and all. He also sang "Main Street," which I like to imagine was a nod to us Michigan visitors, although probably not really...LOL. Taylor was playful, soulful, and loose this night and we enjoyed this unexpected treat as much or more than any of his shows!

I chose not to use my camera there, because this was Taylor Hicks and his down time, in his comfortable environment, and I would not dream of intruding on that. I was just very grateful to have been able to be a part of this night and happy with the thumbs up he gave us as he came back to the bar after his set.

I cannot think of a more satisfying dinner I've had anywhere else. The food was amazing, the staff courteous and funny, and Taylor Hicks is the perfect host! He literally wined, dined, and entertained us and we love him for it!!

We returned to ORE on Sunday after the Fayette shows for their jazz brunch. The food was outstanding! I had the Eggs Benedict, one friend had the salmon salad, and another friend had the shrimp and grits Diablo. We all cleaned our plates, because it was delicious. Cleve Eaton and his Alabama All Stars serenaded us with their unique style of music and when we finally left, I know I left more than my tip there...I left a piece of my heart in that wonderful place...ORE DRINK AND DINE :)

Here are some photos I took of my experience at ORE

And THIS photo in the Ladies Room, which describes not only ORE and the city of Birmingham, but also my experience at this classy, upscale, and DELICIOUS epicurean eatery:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Feast For The Soul

Pictures often reveal much more than words do. I love pictures! And one of my favorite subjects is, of course, Taylor Hicks :) So TaylorMadeOnline Media has created a Feast For The Soul, which offers some closeup photos of our Soul Man from various interviews and appearances in a crisp and clear showcase for those of us who simply cannot get enough of hearing and seeing this talented artist.

This thread is open to all, so wander over to TMO Media and give yourself some afternoon delight or some soothing visuals to enhance your evening :) We know fans will enjoy this collection. It is truly a Feast for the Soul with some old, some new, and all GOOD!

Comments are welcome here or on our Twitter acct. Enjoy!

Link to Feast for the Soul:
Taylor Feast

Friday, July 1, 2011

In Appreciation of July 4th~Taylor Hicks~Others

As I celebrate this weekend watching fireworks, eating good food with loving family and friends, enjoying the freedoms so many times we take for granted, I am struck with the thoughts of those overseas giving their time and love and hearts to allow us to continue to do these wonderful activities in Peace and Safety.

I wonder about their feelinlgs on this weekend and applaud the courage of these men and women who wake up on this grand Holiday with thoughts of how to stay alive, how to get home one day to their own families, and how to get through each day and each hour with your life at risk daily and your best friend is a weapon or the serviceman or woman next to you?

What must it be like for these brave ones who make the enjoyment of our Lives and Freedoms possible? What must it be like for their families who miss them and wonder if the next Fourth of July will bring their beloved sons, daughters, wives, fathers, and friends home alive and well to celebrate?

So on this Holiday, while I am rejoicing in my own Freedom to spend this time with my Loved Ones who are safe and sound at home with me, I will also light a candle in Thanks and to say YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED AND MISSED to the brave individuals who stand up for our country that I love so much. And thank you to the artists I love who also give of their hearts to help our Armed Forces and to the various organizations who see that our efforts get carried overseas to our wonderful Service Men and Women. May God Bless You All and Bring you Home safely to all of us!

Please visit our TMO_Media 4th of July thread for some beautiful musical honors by Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, and others, to our Fourth of July Holiday here:


Monday, May 16, 2011

Taylor Hicks Talks CDs, Writing, and Nashville

TMO Media caught up with Taylor Hicks for a quick chat about his upcoming CD and some of his thoughts on writing and producing in Nashville, the music city!

Take a look and feel free to leave your comments here or on the site :)

Thanks, Taylor Hicks, for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to us!

Link to Interview:

Taylor Interview on TMO

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taylor Hicks ~So Musical at Musica~A Recap!

So...I drove 3+ hours in the rain to get to Akron, Ohio. It went fast and the ride was pleasant because it was filled with expectation and excitement. Why, you ask? Why else? I was going to a Taylor Hicks concert again!

I had not been to a Taylor Hicks show since last summer, due to family and travel issues, so this was a special treat. And BOY, was it ever worth it! Musica is situated quite oddly in an alley off a main street. Our hotel was close by but due to weather, we took a taxi to eat at Crave, which was excellent by the way. We then walked over to the entrance to Musica, which was a building with a small doorway entrance through the alley...LOL.

What a surprise once we entered! It appeared to be a converted garage and was just fantastic inside! Classy woody atmosphere with beams and wood built bar. Very nice but small stage and had tables on the floor in front, and then back tables with bar stools and some standing room. Acoustics were great! Venue wasn't full until just before Taylor came on and then it was fully packed!

We chose a table back on the raised part with bar stools and a ledge to rest our things on. This was directly in front of the stage and slightly above the floor, so we had a fantastic view of the entire place and of course, Taylor and his band. The usual introductions took place after the opening act, and then Taylor Hicks entered the stage area.

The rest of the evening just flew by and became a blur and whirl of some of the MOST FANTASTIC performances I've seen from our SoulMan yet! Three standouts for me were:

Maybe You Should, the most tender version ever!

Rough Go Go Ridin, a Van Morrison cover and new addition to the set list.

And the encore song, Ohio which was very well received.

Nineteen also got a huge applause and Jeff played his always poignant sax piece at the end. Taylor did Naked in the Jungle, a song which he hasn't performed for a while and which got the place rockin hard! As I looked around me, I saw a group of young fans who were totally into him and also some new faces from the Akron area. When I spoke to a couple in back of me, the woman shared that they had never seen Taylor Hicks in concert and that this was a 20 yr anniversary present for each other. After the show, I asked how they liked it and they were all but speechless :)

Our SoulMan made Akron's storms small in comparison to the mighty power Taylor Hicks and his fantastic Band raised in the small but well filled venue! If you need a little peek at this wonderful show to inspire you to buy a ticket for a future show, click the video above....and have some tissue handy :)

After the show, people did not want to leave. Taylor signed and took photos, and then the band stayed to hang out with those of us who were still there. All in all, a fabulous evening with Taylor Hicks and his band, and well worth the wet ride up there. I cannot wait for Manistee!

For my all of my videos, you can check Gypsee44 at Youtube to watch. To get downloads and my photos, please visit our member area at TaylorMadeOnline Media in our Tour 2011 section, Musica in Akron.


Musica Set List:
Compared to What
Just To Feel That Way
Back to Louisana
The Maze
Hold On To Your Love
Maybe You Should
Rough God Go Ridin
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Naked in the Jungle
Seven Mile Breakdown

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Alabama State of Mind~Tornado Relief

I doubt that anyone who is a Taylor Hicks fan or anyone who reads the news is unaware of the tragedy and extreme conditions as a result of the devastating tornadoes that roared through Tuscaloosa and downtown Birmingham, as well as many surrounding cities in the area. The havoc this caused has affected those who live there and those who know folks who live there, and anyone else living who has a heart.

Speaking of hearts, Taylor Hicks is among many with a heart of Gold! Taylor, along with Nick Saban, and Alabama Red Cross, and abc3340 joined forces with the community to help with a fund raiser to aid Alabama residents in their long and painful Journey to recovery. Taylor manned phones alonside many hard working and caring folks to elicit financial aid for his beloved state.

*Photos courtesy of abc3340*

It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to see the many, many people from all over the nation willing to lend a hand in some way. Whether it be helping the telethon, helping clear debris and find lost loved ones and pets, or sending in money to aid all of this, we have all come to bat for Alabama and all of the other affected areas.

Taylor Hicks has always called Alabama his home. When the Gulf catastrophe occured, he was right there to help out with a PSA and a benefit concert. This has not changed, especially since this new disaster has come to his Birmingham doorstep. He has stated in an interview with Fox 6 that he will probably be doing a benefit concert to help out even more and will be out in the community, along with the others who so graciously and generously are giving of their time and efforts to help those in need.

You can help too! Please donate online or call the Alabama Red Cross. And please, please don't forget the many pets who are lost, injured, and terrified because they have become separated from their familes and homes. You can give to the Alabama Humane Society who is working with an organization to reunite and foster lost pets.

We thank God for people like Taylor Hicks, Nick Saban, the abc3340 staff, the coaches who donated their time, the businesses, and the many who went out to the debris sites to help. Their hearts are as big as the state they love. Let's keep our hearts open as well....they need our help!

Links to Help Out:
Neighbors In Need Donations:

Animals in Need Facebook Page:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taylor Hicks~No April Fool!

How do you top some of the most talked about occurrences on April Fool's Day? Well, if you are Taylor Hicks and Stephen Colbert, you connect with Jimmy Fallon and Roots, and give one of the greatest performances on TV EVER! And get yourself talked about, tweeted about, viewed, skewed, cheered and revered!

Last night, Jimmy Fallon had as promised, Stephen Colbert performing Rachel Black's "Friday," with The Roots Band after raising the $26,000 for Charity which was their goal. Much hype was given to this performance and many viewers tuned in, unaware of a surprise guest. The song began, the crowd went wild cheering and laughing. When suddenly, an announcement was made and Taylor Hicks literally burst onto the stage on his knees and blew the roof off the place!

People went crazy...the floor shook, the rafters nearly exploded with this wild, wacky, and magical sound! Add to this a bunch of hot looking cheerleaders, some patriotic balloons falling, and Taylor Hicks' famous harmonica, and you have one of the most enjoyable and fantastic performances ever found on television late night!

Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks hammed it up with a capital H and set the crowd on fire both with laughter and applause. There could not be a better way to end the April Fool's Day fun than this! The Roots band did their part as well and it just blew us away.

Twitter lit up like a huge pile of tinder on fire and the tweets are still going with praise for this brave and nutty performance. If you don't believe it, watch the video above and take a stroll over to Twitter and punch in Taylor Hicks or Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon. Your eyes will fall out trying to keep up with the hilarity and pure enjoyment of last night's April Fool's Day craziness. Taylor Hicks was a surprise and stole the stage as he usually does, but the biggest surprise of all is that this video has now gone....V.I.R.A.L. Let's keep it going! Not only does charity benefit greatly from the good hearts of those involved, but Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks deserve MAJOR KUDOS for their amazing performance! Thank you, Jimmy, Stephen, and Taylor for all that you do, and Taylor Hicks? WE LOVE YOU!

Drop by their Twitter pages and give them a shout out! IT'S FUN!!!! IT'S WACKY!!! IT'S SHOWBIZ, FOLKS!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing April with Taylor Hicks!

The old saying "March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb," only applies to weather. On the music scene, Taylor Hicks proves that March roars in and goes out with a BANG, paving the way for a sizzling April entry!

Taylor Hicks has shows lined up for the next few months and if you are a fan or even thinking about becoming a fan, get yourself to one of these shows! A Taylor Hicks show is a grand and energizing mix of original music by Taylor both past and present, fantastic covers, and pieces of music tagged onto other numbers. There are ballads for your romantic moments and rockin good soul for your upbeat pleasure.

Along with Taylor is a band comprised of some of the most talented musicians the south can offer. Brian Less on keyboards, Sam Gunderson on guitar, Jeff Lopez on sax, Brandon Peeples on bass, Leif Bonderanko on drums, and David Keith on percussion. And if you're lucky that night, you just might see the SoulMan on organ or keys!

Here are the shows lined up for Amazing April:

Holt High School Culture Fest in Tuscaloosa, AL

Beautiful Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA

Exciting Snogqualmie Casino, in Snogqualmie, WA

Stay tuned for Magical May which is packed with more Taylor Hicks goodies!

Info at:
Taylor's Official Site

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Manistee Pt2~The Three M's!

The Chippewa called it Manistee meaning "spirit of the woods." Its breathtaking views and picturesque surroundings set the stage for an amazing evening.

Picture a beautiful clear summer sky filled with bright stars and you have Manistee, Michigan. Imagine luminous Moonlight and add some sizzling Music by Taylor Hicks. You then have the makings for a Magical Moonlight Night of Music with one of the brighest stars of all!

I asked Taylor what concert goers can expect from this Taylor HIcks show hosted by Little River Casino. Here is what he had to say:

"The Manistee Show is going to be great! I am looking forward to getting back to Michigan. By then there will be some new great songs and the band will be rockin for sure!! Looking forward to it!! See you there!!"

Soooo...there you have it, folks. Right from the man himself! And if that's not enough tantalizing for you, check out this fantastic sample from a recent Cleveland show of what you can expect from a Taylor Hicks concert: "Dust My Broom."

Little River Casino is a great venue to see this show! Grab a ticket before they sell out and enjoy a night of Three M's with Taylor Hicks....Manistee, Moonlight, and Music to please all your senses!

Here is the place to be: Manistee photo by Steve Pepple

Little River Casino:

Tickets available here:
Star Tickets

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taylor Hicks~A Star in Northern Michigan's Sky

For those of us in Michigan and the surrounding midwest areaa, a long awaited concert is in sight! Taylor Hicks brings his energetic, unique, and fantastic show back to our fair state on May 29th.

Taylor Hicks will be appeariing at the Manistee Little River Casino and believe me, if you are in the area, you do NOT want to miss this opportunity to be entertained by a true artist in his element live onstage. Taylor brings with him a talented band that backs him to perfection featuring musicians who are tops in their craft. Brian Less on Keyboards ia amazing in what he can elicit from those keys. Jeff Lopez lends his spiritual sax sound, along with Sam Gunderson's fabulous guitar. Brandon Peeples on bass is equally superb, as is Leif Bonderanko on drums, and David Keith on percussion.

If you have not seen a Taylor Hicks concert, this is your chance to see one of the best live performances a ticket can provide! Taylor brings his special brand of blues, soul, and country rock and delivers it with high energy, deep passion, and plenty of fun on stage. Crowds can expect to hear original music such as "The Deal" mixed with tags from various songs, familiar covers in unique arrangements like "Bulletproof," and some ballads filled with emotion such as "Maybe You Should," a song from Taylor's latest CD The Distance.

Last summer, Taylor Hicks came to Bay City and brought the crowd to its feet again and again with his rocking good soul. He also brought them to tears with his poignant "Nineteen." I was was incredible! And I will be there this May in Manistee as well. Will you???

Don't miss this chance to lose yourself in the music and talent of a genuine artist with an equally talented band. It's the perfect blend and the perfect way to spend an evening in a beautiful setting. Manistee is picturesque with plenty to do before and after the show, especially if you stay at the casino. Little River has good rates and will offer a wonderful showcase for this supremely entertaining artist.

Click the video above for a sample treat. Don't miss out! Get your tickets for Taylor Hicks today right here! They are going fast, so don't delay!
Star Tickets

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taylor Hicks~One Word Says It All!

Photo by RagsQueen
Have you seen a Taylor Hicks concert, especially the new ones? Have you experienced the magical energy that is Taylor Hicks and his band?

Let's have some fun! Give us ONE word that sums it up for you! This could be a BIG list...because it's hard to find words to describe the kind of fantastic experience a Taylor Hicks show is :) Help us with the fun!

My Word...sorry I got it = INDESCRIBABLE!

Catch Taylor Hicks in concert in the coming months at:

Jazz Fest - New Orleans, LA

Ride2Recovery - San Marcos, TX

Snogqualmie Casino - Snogqualmie, WA

The Mill Casino - Coos Bay, OR

Info at:
Taylor's Official Site

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Winter Blues-Spring Soul-Summer Heat!

Just when you thought you'd never shake the winter chill, a new set of Taylor Hicks HAWT shows appears on the horizon! And melting those cold winter Blahs with some hot Blues is as easy as buying a ticket :) But the thaw doesn't end there. Breeze on into Spring Soul and then the hot Summer Heat as Mr. Hicks continues to bring it home on stage where he shines!

You can catch Taylor Hicks at these coming venues:

Feb 24...Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL

Feb 25...Gold Star Casino in Tunica, MS

Feb 26...Beau Rivage Casino in Bilox, MS

April 28...Snoqualmie Casino-Ballroom, Snoqualmie, WA

May May 27...The Mill Casino, Coos Bay, OR

You can also find him at Jazz Fest in New Orleans...4-29 through 5-8.
More shows coming, so check his Twitter and Official site for info!

Tickets available through Ticketmaster or the individual venue box offices.

Taylor Hicks is an amazing talent no matter how you see or hear him, but he is in his element live onstage, an experience no one can soon forget. The energy and excitement permeates any venue he and his incredible band visit, and it affects the crowd as well making it a fabulous evening. So if you are suffering from Winter Blahs, longing for Spring Breezes, and panting for Summer's Heat the cure is a ticket to one of Taylor Hicks' shows!

Watch the video above to start your winter thaw:) That will surely melt your chill and toast your toast, and set you on the road to some HAWT enjoyment! And there is plenty more of the same coming your way at each concert. Don't get left out in the cold...Get your tickets before they are gone!

Taylor's Official Site
Taylor's Twitter

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jam Cruise 9~Thanks Jeff Grady!

Jam Cruise 9 from jeff grady on Vimeo.

BIG LOVE to Jeff Grady for sharing his FABULOUS Jam Cruise 9 video with us all. Taylor Hicks fans and all the artists' fans are eternally grateful. Amazing video, fantastic cruise, music to die for!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor Hicks And A To Farewell Regis!

A legend in talk show entertainment is leaving us! The Regis and Kelly Live show has come to an important time of change. Regis announced on the show that he would be retiring sometime this summer. This show has been host to so many great folks, many celebrities who have had a wonderful time visiting and performing on a show so widely enjoyed every morning. Regis, along with Kelly Rippa, made everyone feel welcome and put them at ease with their warm and funny personalities. Taylor Hicks was one of those lucky ones who made several appearances on the show.

Taylor Hicks graced their stage for a variety of occasions. He performed his wonderful new single "What's Right is Right" and also performed with the cast of "Grease," singing "Beauty School Dropout" for fans to enjoy. He also took part in their Dating Game and was a good sport about having his date filmed and aired. And on another great episode, he sang a beautiful and memorable "The Right Place" from his first post Idol CD, Taylor Hicks, at the Wedding of the Century on Regis and Kelly's Wedding Week. The bride and groom requested this song and he moved us all when we watched and heard it.

If you missed any of Taylor Hicks on Regis and Kelly, or just want to re-live the fun, check these appearances out here in our Regis and Kelly Live Lookback section. It's a great stroll down memory lane! Farewell, Regis! You will be so very missed!

Taylor Hicks on Regis and Kelly:
Regis and Kelly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taylor Hicks And the Cruise That Never Ends!

Media is still flying from everywhere from those folks lucky enough to be on the Jam Cruise 9 adventure! It is the cruise that never ends! And at TaylorMadeOnline Media, we are fortunate to have so much Taylor Hicks shared with us to offer to our guests and members.

If you are seriously in need of a Taylor Hicks fix and want to experience a little of Jam Cruise magic, check out our Jam Cruise 9 section for downloads, embeds, and photos of Taylor and the other many talented musicians on the cruise. We keep adding, as new media surfaces from those generous folks who were on hand to film it. So sail on by and get your fix :)

Link to our Jam Cruise 9 Media:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taylor Hicks And Jam Cruise 9_Wow Just Wow!

By all accounts from passengers and everyone connected with Jam Cruise 9, Taylor Hicks can cut the mustard! He generously gave his talents to numerous sit ins, as well as hosting their delightful Gong Show Event, and helped make this cruise a top favorite among all who were there. So much talent in one place, so many to enjoy it, and so very many rave reviews about our Soul Man!

Many said Taylor Hicks made a lot of new fans. Those of us who already know what an amazing talent Taylor is can help out by giving his upcoming shows info to any Jam Cruise passengers we speak to. You never know who may decide to experience the Taylor Hicks magic again, and boy, do we ever know they are in for a TREAT with a CAPITAL T!

For all of your Jam Cruise 9 media needs, TMO Media has a great thread with video clips both embedded and for downloading, photos, and cool comments about Taylor Hicks from those who saw, heard, and met him on this cruise. They loved our Soul Man! And so do we!

Link to TMO Media's Jam Cruise 9 thread:

Follow us on Twitter:
TMO_Media on Twitter

Photo by Brad Hodge.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taylor Hicks Rocks Jam Cruise 9!

Taylor Hicks has been very active this fall and winter. And one of the best times with Taylor and many other talented artists occurred this last week on Jam Cruise 9.

By all accounts, Taylor Hicks made himself known fondly by the various bands by offering to sit in with many of them and rocking the boat with his soulful and wonderful vocals, which were well received by all on hand.

Iclips will have some great media from this. And make sure to visit Paul Mclaren's fabulous photo site for a special glimpse of the fun! Here is the link to his photos...thanks so much for sharing these, Paul!


The Right Place_The View