Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taylor Hicks ~ Wins Big in Vegas!

Most people head to Las Vegas with hopes and expectations of a fun filled trip and possibly a big win at the casinos. Many come away with some of those hopes fulfilled and many come away with empty pockets and a tired few days. But all come away with a unique experience from Las Vegas. There is one person who went to Vegas with a different purpose, with hopes of a different kind of win. There is one person who went to Vegas on a lark and came back a King of the stage. That person is Taylor Hicks....American Idol Winner, Broadway Star, Touring Artist, and even Restaurateur with his classy diner ORE in Birmingham, and is a major all around fantastic entertainer.

When Taylor Hicks went to Las Vegas before the fifth season of American Idol, it was a detour due to flights being cancelled or changed from the Katrina storms. It was one of the few places he could get a flight to from the tragic events of Katrina, and he likes to tell the story of how he came to audition for Idol. So, Taylor Hicks' trip to Vegas wasn't filled with dreams of hitting the big slots win or making a fortune at the tables in the casinos. His dreams extended beyond that to the big stage, where he could "get his voice heard." Boy, did he ever! His win on Idol with his unique talent and artistry and a tight fan base which never let him down and still doesn't, was the springboard to a national tour for his first CD, to various TV and radio appearances, to a starring role in Broadway's "Grease" as Teen Angel and then on to the National Tour of the play in the same role.

From there, Taylor Hicks continued his career as a touring artist, selling out his shows wherever he went, whether it was overseas, in a small bar venue, or the large casinos. It seems this was big preparation for an even bigger Las Vegas Win. And now, Taylor realizes his Jackpot has come in with a huge BANG! He is returning to the scene of the beginning of his Dream which lead him on a Journey he never imagined, but always felt he was destined for. Taylor Hicks has landed himself a residency at Ballys for the summer of 2012! This is a first for any American Idol contestant or winner. Some have appeared there in a single show, including Taylor himself, but none have secured their own headline show for a run before.

And who better than Taylor Hicks to accomplish this? He was unique from the start on Idol, whether you got his talent or not, and captured audience attention from the moment he took the stage each week until the final note of his performance. Not much has changed in that respect these days....Taylor Hicks still mesmerizes his audience as soon as he walks out with his equally amazing band, and delivers a show that has you dancing in your seats and leaving with a huge smile and often a photo with the Man himself.

What to expect from a Taylor Hicks Las Vegas show? It's anyone's guess. But you can place your money on a sure bet that you will NOT be disappointed and that you will come away feeling good and wanting more. Taylor Hicks has won big in Las Vegas! His slot machine was a giant pull on a small dream that paid off HUGELY after six years of hard work and dedication to his music. It wasn't overnight, because this artist has spent years honing his talent. But his first gamble began in Las Vegas and has paid off to lead him back here in triumph and set a role model for American Idol contestants and winners, and other hopefuls who want to follow their dreams.

I can't think of a better person to start that roulette wheel turning. After years of rehearsal in his early musical life, Taylor Hicks placed a bet during his first trip to Las Vegas that has led him to the best win of all! Make sure to share this win with him....maybe it will bring you luck too :)

TMO got a chance to ask Taylor his thoughts on his new gig. Here is what he had to say. Think he's excited at all? :):)
"I am honored and thrilled to be a part of the folklore of Vegas! This residency is going to be great!!"

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