Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Feast For The Soul

Pictures often reveal much more than words do. I love pictures! And one of my favorite subjects is, of course, Taylor Hicks :) So TaylorMadeOnline Media has created a Feast For The Soul, which offers some closeup photos of our Soul Man from various interviews and appearances in a crisp and clear showcase for those of us who simply cannot get enough of hearing and seeing this talented artist.

This thread is open to all, so wander over to TMO Media and give yourself some afternoon delight or some soothing visuals to enhance your evening :) We know fans will enjoy this collection. It is truly a Feast for the Soul with some old, some new, and all GOOD!

Comments are welcome here or on our Twitter acct. Enjoy!

Link to Feast for the Soul:
Taylor Feast

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