Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks Lights Up July 4th!

Talk about "CAPITALIZING" on your talent! Taylor Hicks will help light up July 4th at the Nation's Capital, as he joins such notable other artists as: Jerry Lee Lewis, Huey Lewis and the News, Broadway performer Brian Stokes Mitchell, and classical singers Hayley Westenra, Harolyn Blackwell and Vittorio Grigolo. The event will be hosted by Jimmy Smitts and will also be televised, giving each artist fabulous exposure.

I particularly like producer Jerry Colbert's comment:
"Between the Lewis boys and Taylor Hicks, they'll get everybody going."

This will be a 90 minute broadcast that is sure to entertain and thrill both the live audiences and those of us stuck at home in front of our TVs, although we may actually get the better view, due to the large crowds that attend each year.

Taylor Hicks has "taylorized" Broadway and many a concert stage, including the gigantic venue Stadium of Fire. And now, he will also add his unique talent to A Capital Fourth, on the PBS station. Don't miss it!

While you are getting your Taylor Hicks Fix, don't forget to check out TTHC's media board in our Take 2 Section, where we are continuing to remember and celebrate anniversaries of past exciting concert venues. This week we are featuring the NorVa concert, one HOT show, with video to watch and pictures to download.

Taylor Hicks has definitely made his mark. Both he and his fans have a LOT to celebrate this July 4th, but then again...we have been seeing fireworks since the day Taylor first performed. He definitely sets off those sparks!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks Gives Broadway A New Lift!

According to the New York Post, Taylor Hicks is responsible for giving "Grease" and Broadway a new lift! Ummmm....excuse the Hell Out Of Us...But...THAT IS NO SURPRISE....LOL! Here is an exerpt:

"It got a little lift from the Tonys, but its real draw this summer is "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks, who's playing Teen Angel.

An insider says Hicks is worth at least $150,000 in extra ticket sales a week.

(Make a note of that, Mr. Agent.)

Whenever Hicks whips out his harmonica, the audience goes nuts.

They're having such a blast that the "Grease" megamix at the end of the show - this is where the critics ran screaming from the theater - now runs 10 minutes, with Hicks singing the title song and then playing it on his harmonica.

Meanwhile, the producers of the show are no longer flinching from the critical blows but are starting to have fun with them."

For the full article, go here:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taylor Hicks~The Old, The New, The Best!

TTHC has some very special goodies for Taylor Hicks fans right now :)

Connections has some early Taylor Hicks website links that are just absolute gems for all Taylor lovers. You can find these in our All The Talk Member section...don't miss them!

Over on the media board in our nontour photos, we have an absolute priceless photo blend of Taylor and Playboy...then and now...boy have things changed...LOL. This is such a cool photo....great fun!

We also have begun posting our other artists section in our public Take 2 area, where we are featuring embedded video with download links and photos and info on artists Taylor Hicks has performed with in the past.

If you are missing some Taylor, all of the above is a blast from the past you don't want to miss!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taylor Hicks~As the Cone Descends, the Sales Ascend!

OK...we know Taylor Hicks makes an impression on audiences whenever and wherever he performs. He wowed us on Idol, he mesmerized us on the concert stage, he graces our television screens, but MAN...HAS HE MADE AN IMPACT ON BROADWAY!

The shows are selling out and stats tell us "Grease" sales are up by 18%, and Taylor is only in the first few weeks of his role. Coincidence? I think not...our silver haired SoulMan has brought his unique blend of quirk, talent, and pure charisma to the live theatre stage, and he has done it with charm, style, and TAYLORIZING!

Want to discuss this more and also see some great fan recaps and stage door photos? Hop on over to our message boards at The Taylor Hicks Community and then on to our media board. Taylor didn't confine his brand of Whomp and Soul to his own band. He has mixed and matched with several artists from different genres and what a match those were! TTHC Media is featuring video and photos from other artists Taylor has performed with in a special new forum. While you are checking out the terrific "Grease" reviews and media, stop by and check out these other artists too. It's all in the Take 2 section.

WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR MAN OF SOUL! He is making Spirits rise, he is making Smiles rise, and he is making Sales rise! If this isn't testimony to what a unique and true talent Taylor Hicks is, then Simon and Clive can eat my shorts, and in this hot weather, that isn't a pretty prospect. :)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Color Me GREASED!

The lights darkened, the usual announcements were made, and the play began. It was way more enjoyable than I ever thought. I think everyone has mastered their roles quite well. All were quite comfortable on the stage and sang well, and projected well. Act one excitement inside GREW.

Act Two....the curtain rises and so does our anticipation. They go through the first two scenes, and the giant ice cream cone is hanging there over the malt shop, and we know WHO is inside...LOL!

FINALLY...TAYLOR! The cone opens and there he is, larger than life, because we were so close to the stage. He begins singing, the audience is clapping hard for him! I nearly got weepy...I was so PROUD for him! He descends down and steps out and the MAGIC just takes over.

You could really tell he had come into that role. He hammed it up and sang it so well. I have never heard his voice stronger! He nailed that song and just entertained to the hilt. He is a born star, a born professional, and a born entertainer...and he MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY!

Cutain call....he comes out and again applause! He does the usual walking around with the cast, singing most of the lead on the last song, and trying his best to get the hand jive right...LOL! He is darling and funny, and what he didn't remember, he filled in with his Taylorized steps, and just blew us and the audience away!

I came away with my head and heart burstng with Pride and Happiness for our Taylor. He is indeed the BRIGHTEST STAR ON BROADWAY!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Early Works CD News Is Now Out! glad this is finally out there! August will prove to be a fun month for old and new Taylor Hicks fans. Vanguard Records is distributing his Early Works CD, which I understand to be a combination of much of his pre idol music from his early CDs. If you have not heard any of these, you are in for a major treat! Early Taylor Hicks music is every bit as talented and exciting as post Idol and in many ways to me, even more pleasurable since these are mostly original songs and certainly his unique styling of covers. What a super way to let new fans hear what has formed this amazing blues singer's present style. And yet, Taylor holds true to himself, both pre and post Idol.

August and Fall promise a wealth of Taylor Hicks enjoyment. The early works CD from Vanguard, followed by his new CD and hopefully the release of his DVD. And all of that spells new tour. the words of Sam Cooke and Taylor Hicks..."A Change is Going to Come" this fall. Can't Wait!

Stay tuned for more CD news as it becomes available.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Angel Onstage and on the Greens

Taylor Hicks is a busy guy these days, starring as Teen Angel in "Grease." Mondays the theatre is dark. So our Angel proved he earned his title by spending his day off playing golf in a charity event for Autism Speaks. He has plenty of experience, both with golf and charities, as he has participated in the Bob Hope Classic twice and in the Regions Golf event in his home state. It's speaks a lot about Taylor, and it also does my heart good to know he is enjoying himself while once again helping children.

Taylor also found time to do an interview on WC11 TV in New York, which he handled with his usual grace and charm. Every time I see or hear something about our SoulMan, the pride just grows and grows. He is a consumate professional and a super nice guy, and definitely lives up to his Angel name this week! However, I won't be sending him a new sand wedge any time soon....:)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


With our Taylor Hicks on the Broadway stage, he is enjoying tremendous success in his debut! This is excellent for him and for fans who are able to attend the play in New York. However....we MISS him on the concert stage! Last summer was a whirlwind of tour shows, with tons of fans at each one, loving him and of course, recording it all for posterity...ok and

Well, fear not! You can still enjoy our SoulMan in concert. TTHC's media board is continuing with our popular Take 2 look back. We have been Remembering past shows in our member area, complete with embedded videos and fabulous photos. We have now moved this to the Take 2 general area, so this is open for everyone to re-live and rave about to your heart's content.

For the "Grease" nuts..and aren't we all now that Taylor is our Teen Angel for the summer....our fan graphics area is bursting with creative talent in the form of banners, wallpapers, and fan created videos. Boy oh Boy, do we have a creative fanbase! If you want your good stuff showcased, feel free to add it.

So if you are needing your "Hicks Fix," stroll on over to our Media area for audio and visual fulfillment. And while you are at it, stop by our Connections message board to talk about Taylor.


Take 2 thread:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

IT'S A HIT!!!!

Taylor Hicks opened Friday night in "Grease" as Teen Angel to fabulous reviews and fantastic reception by theatre patrons and fans! Our SoulMan added his special "Taylor Hicks" touch to his number "Beauty School Dropout," complete with harmonica and his soulful voice.

Sporting a pompadour and black gittery suit, descending to the stage in a giant ice cream cone, Taylor was STAR QUALITY from start to finish. Throughout the various sites, you can find recaps and glowing reports, plus lots of wonderful photos. Some of these are ones fans took at the stage door or at Planet Hollywood, where Taylor was honored with his handprints and harmonica print after the show. On The Taylor Hicks Community Media Board, we have tons of professional and stunning photos of the show and Planet Hollywood.

The Taylor Hicks Community has chosen to respect the theatre's guidelines of no patron recording media during a performance. However, we welcome all stage door media and any other allowed "Grease" media that fans want to share.

Stop by our member area and take a peek at the mouth-watering goodies we have there, plus be sure to visit our very creative "Grease" Fan Graphics section. Wow, we have a talented Taylor Fanbase! Also don't miss Taylor and the "Grease" cast on Regis and Kelly this Friday. If you haven't been able to get play tickets, here is your chance to hear and see his number!

Taylor has made it from the streets and bars of Birmingham area to American Idol, to tour God, to BROADWAY STAR! His Dream has exceeded anything he could imagine and we couldn't be prouder.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Grease and TTHC!

Want to help promote Taylor for his role in "Grease?" Want to have your creative talents showcased at the same time as promoting our SoulMan?

Here is your chance! At The Taylor Hicks Community on our media board, we are going to be featuring fan created banners, posters, avatars, and fan videos or montages, which are "Grease" inspired. So come on over and share your talents with us. It's a great way to help promote Taylor and amuse ourselves while we are waiting for the CD and next tour, and enjoying the recaps of those lucky enough to attend the play in New York.

Taylor is excited about his role in "Grease" and so are we! Let the fun begin! Share your creative works with us at The Taylor Hicks Community Media board. We would love to see :)

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