Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taylor Hicks~The Old, The New, The Best!

TTHC has some very special goodies for Taylor Hicks fans right now :)

Connections has some early Taylor Hicks website links that are just absolute gems for all Taylor lovers. You can find these in our All The Talk Member section...don't miss them!

Over on the media board in our nontour photos, we have an absolute priceless photo blend of Taylor and Playboy...then and now...boy have things changed...LOL. This is such a cool photo....great fun!

We also have begun posting our other artists section in our public Take 2 area, where we are featuring embedded video with download links and photos and info on artists Taylor Hicks has performed with in the past.

If you are missing some Taylor, all of the above is a blast from the past you don't want to miss!


juliegr said...

Taylor and the ladies from Playboy! He looks delighted to be at the mansion in the first photo and quite the man about town in the 2nd one!

Thanks for finding these photos

Gypsee said...

Thanks, Julie! It was fun making that blend and great to see how far Taylor has come, but still retains that boyish grin when he's happy. And BOY, did he look happy in those!

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