Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taylor Hicks_2010 Highlights

Well, it's been quite a ride for Taylor Hicks and his fans who have followed him since his days on American Idol and his subsequent win. And 2010 has not changed that! This past year has been a whirlwind of changes and accomplishments for our Soul Man and rather than try to list them all here, I will just give you a link to a magical pictorial and video Journey through 2010 and Taylor Hicks enjoyment!

Click the 2010 link below to stroll through a treasure trove of highlights and memories with Taylor Hicks, his band, and his fans. Have fun! I know I did and will continue to stick around for more in 2011!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taylor Hicks Is "Gran" for Clint Eastwood

This past April, I lost my Dad. He lived to a wonderful age, but sadly most of it without my Mother. But the Gift she left him, which we enjoyed until he passed on, was that he became so much more open to Life and all its Joys. He also had some strong religious convictions which became altered with her leaving us.

The movie "Gran Torino" has become very dear to me since his passing, for the obvious similarities and also because I live so close to where this was filmed and took some rides out that way with my Dad and Mom when I was younger. The song has always had a special place in my heart. But now after my Dad's death, to hear Taylor Hicks put his beautiful and soulful voice to it, has brought it to life for me again in a way that I am finding hard to even describe.

So I will just made the RIGHT CHOICE, Mr. Eastwood! Your exquisite movie and sound track, and Taylor Hicks are a match that has brought me tears and smiles all at once. There is no one else besides you who could have performed this in such a soulful and tender way. So thank you, Clint for the film and for giving Taylor Hicks this honor. And Taylor... for making this beautiful and moving performance available for us...Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

I miss you, Daddy....

To watch this on YouTube, go here:


Friday, August 13, 2010

Taylor Hicks~Back To The Future

"Nineteen...He was only Nineteen." Those words and this song touched the hearts of everyone who attended the show in Bay City, Michigan on August 7, 2010. I was one of those lucky people. All around me, people were moved to tears and heavy emotion during the best performance of this song Taylor Hicks has ever given. At the end, he received a heartfelt standing ovation.

For those wondering what Taylor Hicks has been up to lately, the best way to answer that question is to buy a ticket and treat yourself to one of his new tour shows, which now extend into the fall. This is by far the best concert series he has ever done and without question to me, the finest band he's assembled since the Little Memphis Blues Days. Each musician is perfection, and the chemistry and fit between them all is a joy to behold.

Taylor Hicks has gone back to his future...the Taylor Hicks who isn't being invented or fashioned by anyone but himself. His shows are true to his music, true to his style, and totally amazing. Each one gets better and better, each with a special touch designed to fit the venue and his audience. I attended the show in Cleveland, Ohio which was in a small club with an intimate setting. This one was mellow and rocked, but with that close bar feel where you are one with the musicians onstage and boy, did we ever feel that! The day after that was Bay City, Michigan. This was a state fair type atmosphere and truthfully, I wondered when I arrived, how this would play out. Bay City was a study in how an artist grabs an audience. There was only a small crowd for the opening bands because it was early in the evening and dinner time, so many were at the food stands or exhibits. At 7:11, Taylor Hicks and his band took the stage. MAGIC! This was a high energy, upbeat show and the seats suddenly became packed! It was so pleasing to see Taylor up there who kept things upbeat and rocking. Then....Taylor began to talk about the troops and those of us who knew what was coming sat forward a bit. I looked around me and wondered how this slower pace would affect the crowd. As Taylor sang this beautiful song, people began to lean forward, mesmerized. The man next to me was openly wiping his eyes and his wife was patting his shoulder. I felt my own tears graze my cheeks and could not believe the reaction from this audience. People were moved beyond what I'd ever seen at a concert and Taylor Hicks not only brought this audience to tears with his soulful performance, but received a thundering standing ovation. The rest of that brief show blew the roof off the tents there! "Back To Louisiana" was an experience to behold and the people were into it! More impressive was the enormously long line to meet this amazing artist and buy his CD and tshirts, and tell him how fabulous the show was.

Can't say enough about the band! Brian Less, Jeff Lopez, Sam Gunderson, Brandon Peeples, Matt Kimbrell, and Leif Bondarenko have definitely got it going on and are truly one of the best groups of musicians assembled on a stage. So if you have been wondering what Taylor Hicks has been up to lately, GET YOURSELF A LIVE ANSWER! You won't regret a single moment and if you don't come away either a new fan or a present fan hit HARD over the head again with this man's talent, then I'll eat my new Taylor Hicks shirt :) To learn more about this amazing band, go here:
Summer Band

To obtain a list of concert stops and dates, go here:
Concert Dates

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taylor Hicks_Angel Turns In His Wings

"Grease" is coming to a close tomorrow night. Taylor Hicks, who has filled the Teen Angel role since the summer of 2008 starting with Broadway and ending this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, will be turning in his Angel Wings for his guitar and harmonica again.

For many fans, "Grease" with Taylor was a fabulously fun experience no matter how many times one saw it. Others are longing for Taylor to return to touring his own music, a wish which seems likely to come true this summer. You can catch Taylor's upcoming shows at various venues, which will be listed on his Taylor Hicks Ning site. Last night, he graced the stage at Wind Creek Casino, judging a singing contest and performing six songs, and from all accounts it was a smash show!

I have seen "Grease" a few times and am heading there tomorrow night for the closing show. I have mixed feelings, being used to the weekly press promos for the play and being able to see Taylor perform not only his role in the play, but his hit single "Seven Mile Breakdown" after the play finale. However, I am also a lover of Taylor's touring shows with his own music and great covers. So for me, it was and is the best of both Taylor worlds. Whatever he does, it is done with grace and style and unique talent.

So....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, MR. HICKS, for making the theatre stage shine with your sparkling hair, sparking wings, and even more sparkling voice! I am so looking forward to following your next Journey and helping to support that along with your many other fans.

You are a true professional and a star always in our hearts :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Taylor Hicks~Makes Me Proud!

I have not blogged in a while. I have been lately watching Idol Rewind. As I watch each week, I am reminded of the way it was...the intense excitement building as Taylor gave his Heart and Soul each week. He never lost that confidence or pure Joy in performing....never faltered on the steps to his new Journey. And we, his fans, rarely faltered in our support, because we just KNEW...

I am reminded also, of the way we all pulled for him...the beginnings and the reasons WHY we continued and still continue to support and follow this very talented artist. Taylor has traveled very far from home, both physically and musically in his progress and pursuit of his Dream, but done so successfully. He has accomplished so very much and yet kept true to himself. And one thing remains clear and constant, at least to me....this man is a Professional and a gifted Artist. And however and wherever he chooses to make his musical and artistic presence felt...


"Something In The Way You Woo Me..."

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