Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So Taylor can sing and dance...that is apparent to all by now. He has brought his signature moves to many stages and arenas, and now to the basketball court! Our SoulMan held his own in the Celebrity All Star Game, scored three points and numerous assists, including two signature moves whereby one time he was on his knees and then another time on his belly, and still managed to shoot a pass to his teamates to keep the ball with their team. Now THose are Taylor Moves to remember!

But that is not all the ball handling our man can do. He is once again on the greens! The annual Regions Chartity Golf is coming up in May and our boy will be stompin over the grass. I think soon we will have a sequal to Heart Full of Soul, entitled....Heart Full of SCORE!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


And you did, BABY..in a BIG BIG WAY!

This is the second year anniversary of American Idol contestant number 74094. A grey haired dude with a fresh face and an old school voice, who sang soul music from his heart. He was DIFFERENT, he was UNIQUE, he baffled the judges and pissed off Simon LeGree Cowal, who had no clue what to make of this guy.

But WE DID! Each week, Taylor Hicks sang his heart and soul out for the audience, the fans...and the judges. Each week, he was given big rounds of applause, loved by Randy and Paula, maligned by Simon who was sulking because his "choice" wasn't overtaking ours. But nothing could keep this SOUL MAN down...he never, ever was in the bottom three. What does that tell you?

Taylor Hicks got his voice heard. Taylor Hicks wowed American Idol and wowed America. Recently, Taylor Hicks wowed Asia. Why? BECAUSE THE DUDE CAN SING!
And this is his second anniversary of that huge public debut.

Come join us on TaylorMadeOnline in our Take 2 forum, where we take a video Look Back at every performance that earned Taylor that title of American Idol. Enjoy once more, in weekly sequence, the magic for the masses that began as Taylor Hicks on AI and has grown into Taylor Hicks the consumate professional entertainer. And still is in every single moment he performs, just as it has always been since his first note as a young boy. YOUR VOICE HAS BEEN HEARD...AND HEARD...AND HEARD....

GO SOULMAN! WE LOVE YOU! And Clive and Simon?
Pffff! Go Piss in your own Cornflakes!

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