Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Alabama State of Mind~Tornado Relief

I doubt that anyone who is a Taylor Hicks fan or anyone who reads the news is unaware of the tragedy and extreme conditions as a result of the devastating tornadoes that roared through Tuscaloosa and downtown Birmingham, as well as many surrounding cities in the area. The havoc this caused has affected those who live there and those who know folks who live there, and anyone else living who has a heart.

Speaking of hearts, Taylor Hicks is among many with a heart of Gold! Taylor, along with Nick Saban, and Alabama Red Cross, and abc3340 joined forces with the community to help with a fund raiser to aid Alabama residents in their long and painful Journey to recovery. Taylor manned phones alonside many hard working and caring folks to elicit financial aid for his beloved state.

*Photos courtesy of abc3340*

It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to see the many, many people from all over the nation willing to lend a hand in some way. Whether it be helping the telethon, helping clear debris and find lost loved ones and pets, or sending in money to aid all of this, we have all come to bat for Alabama and all of the other affected areas.

Taylor Hicks has always called Alabama his home. When the Gulf catastrophe occured, he was right there to help out with a PSA and a benefit concert. This has not changed, especially since this new disaster has come to his Birmingham doorstep. He has stated in an interview with Fox 6 that he will probably be doing a benefit concert to help out even more and will be out in the community, along with the others who so graciously and generously are giving of their time and efforts to help those in need.

You can help too! Please donate online or call the Alabama Red Cross. And please, please don't forget the many pets who are lost, injured, and terrified because they have become separated from their familes and homes. You can give to the Alabama Humane Society who is working with an organization to reunite and foster lost pets.

We thank God for people like Taylor Hicks, Nick Saban, the abc3340 staff, the coaches who donated their time, the businesses, and the many who went out to the debris sites to help. Their hearts are as big as the state they love. Let's keep our hearts open as well....they need our help!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taylor Hicks~No April Fool!

How do you top some of the most talked about occurrences on April Fool's Day? Well, if you are Taylor Hicks and Stephen Colbert, you connect with Jimmy Fallon and Roots, and give one of the greatest performances on TV EVER! And get yourself talked about, tweeted about, viewed, skewed, cheered and revered!

Last night, Jimmy Fallon had as promised, Stephen Colbert performing Rachel Black's "Friday," with The Roots Band after raising the $26,000 for Charity which was their goal. Much hype was given to this performance and many viewers tuned in, unaware of a surprise guest. The song began, the crowd went wild cheering and laughing. When suddenly, an announcement was made and Taylor Hicks literally burst onto the stage on his knees and blew the roof off the place!

People went crazy...the floor shook, the rafters nearly exploded with this wild, wacky, and magical sound! Add to this a bunch of hot looking cheerleaders, some patriotic balloons falling, and Taylor Hicks' famous harmonica, and you have one of the most enjoyable and fantastic performances ever found on television late night!

Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks hammed it up with a capital H and set the crowd on fire both with laughter and applause. There could not be a better way to end the April Fool's Day fun than this! The Roots band did their part as well and it just blew us away.

Twitter lit up like a huge pile of tinder on fire and the tweets are still going with praise for this brave and nutty performance. If you don't believe it, watch the video above and take a stroll over to Twitter and punch in Taylor Hicks or Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon. Your eyes will fall out trying to keep up with the hilarity and pure enjoyment of last night's April Fool's Day craziness. Taylor Hicks was a surprise and stole the stage as he usually does, but the biggest surprise of all is that this video has now gone....V.I.R.A.L. Let's keep it going! Not only does charity benefit greatly from the good hearts of those involved, but Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks deserve MAJOR KUDOS for their amazing performance! Thank you, Jimmy, Stephen, and Taylor for all that you do, and Taylor Hicks? WE LOVE YOU!

Drop by their Twitter pages and give them a shout out! IT'S FUN!!!! IT'S WACKY!!! IT'S SHOWBIZ, FOLKS!!!

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