Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taylor Hicks~TaylorMadeOnline Closing

TaylorMadeOnline has been around since Taylor's first note on Idol, published January 11, 2006. The past six years have been an absolute Joy to experience, helping promote Taylor Hicks, an artist who is the REAL DEAL and a consumate professional in all ways.

Taylor Hicks has gone from our living room TV winning American Idol to a Broadway Show headliner, numerous TV and radio appearances, and several whirlwind tours that will soon pick up again when his new CD drops this year.

TMO_Media has been with him every step of the way, providing as much video, audio, and photos as possible to his fans, and to Taylor, to re-live again and again. But now it's time for TaylormadeOnline to close up shop as far as new media. With the rich availability of YouTube and Vimeo, plus the new communication arenas of Twitter and Facebook, Taylor has a wealth of support and opportunities for fans new and old to see and hear him. And I have need of more time in my outside life now to pursue my other passion, helping with Animal Rescue :)

Our doors will remain open and there are some threads still open for all to enjoy, both member and nonmember. TMO will still post updates about Taylor Hicks on our Twitter page and occasionally reference older media where appropriate. But no new media will be posted.

It is a bittersweet decision. I have so enjoyed getting to know the fans and helping Taylor Hicks promote his career. And media has always been my first love. However, I am also overjoyed that Taylor is doing so well that so many media sites feature him! He is a Joy to behold on and offstage!

Please keep on supporting this great artist and song writer! I know I will :)

Thank you to everyone who has helped make TMO Media the great library that it is today both members and staff, and most of all...Taylor Hicks! TMO could have never done it without the generous contributions of fans and without the man who is the focus...a fantastic talent!

Keep on, Soul Man! You are TOPS!

The Right Place_The View