Friday, January 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks Video Debut!

February is going to be a HAWT month in Taylor Hicks land! The long awaited debut of his video for "What's Right is Right" is going to make its debut on the 17th.

The video was shot in Chicago on January 12th and from the reports of a few who were in attendance and from the director Jake Davis himself, this is going to be one SMOKIN video. Photos posted on Taylor Hicks official sites depict an old school feel to the video and the lighting is really superb.

Keep your eye on the media and internet on Feb 17th, so you don't miss Taylor Hicks new video for his fantastic new single, "What's Right is Right!"

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow is the day Taylor Hicks and "What's Right is Right" make their official debut on the music scene. The blue eyed soul singer has a sure hit with this one! Please remember to go to itunes and purchase this fantastic new single from his new CD The Distance. Let's get this song to the top where Taylor deserves to be!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taylor Hicks Covers The Distance

Taylor Hicks has been very busy these last few months with a tour of "Grease" and a new CD. He has covered a lot of distance and has made quite a splash on and offstage. Now that distance has been turned into a master project resulting in a brand new CD full of wonderful surprises! It is an endeavor which, in Taylor's own words, represents his true artistry.

Taylor's new album, The Distance, has an impressive track list of both covers and originals. The first single, "What's Right is Right," is being streamed on Taylor Hicks sites everywhere and has already been met with rave reviews. You can listen to it on this blog on our stream. For those who like a little mellow romance, The Distance offers you that. For those who want relevant music with some patriotic flavor, you will also find that on this CD. And for those whose tastes run to rockin blue eyed soul, you will that find in abundance.

You can now pre order this amazing new album from Amazon right here:

Track List for The Distance:
"Wedding Day Blues,"
"Seven Mile Breakdown,"
"What's Right Is Right"
"Woman's Gotta Have It"
"New Found Freedom"
"The Distance"
"I Live on a Battlefield"
"Maybe You Should"
"Once Upon a Lover of Mine"
"Keepin' It Real"

This is going to be a CD worth waiting for! Produced by Simon Climie and distributed by Artist2Market on Taylor Hicks' own label, Modern Whomp Records, it features such greats as Doyle Bramhall II, Nathan East and Abe Laboriel Jr. Collaboration between Taylor Hicks and some dynamite song writers insures a listening experience sure to satisfy!

Get over to Amazon and get your copy. Get a few copies and spread the word. Taylor Hicks is covering The Distance in a Big Way! The new single drops on January 27th and the CD drops on March 10th.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Tayor Hicks~What's Right is Right~And THIS Is RIGHT!

OK the Taylor Hicks moment fans everywhere have been dying for has arrived. The single! It is now streamed on TH.HQ, so if you have a membership, get over there now. If you don't, well...this may be the answer to why sign up again :)

You can find the Taylor Hicks stream of "What's Right is Right" on the Main Page of HQ under the Grapevine. If this song doesn't melt you into a puddle of mush, then you must be made of ceeeement!

Go and Enjoy....I know my finger is falling off from hitting that repeat button. And PLEASE let's hope this doesn't turn up on any site that is not one of Taylor Hicks sites, since it is not available as a legal free download and will be for sale next week. This song is a sure hit with all the blue eyed soul, gospel, romantic aspects that any one mellow song could include. The lyrics are so is what the essence of every romance or friendship should be...great mass appeal.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taylor Hicks Heats Up Frozen Chicago!

Our weather report here states that it is the coldest winter in Chicago in eight years. But not to worry...Taylor Hicks is in the windy, frozen city this week again, and by all indications is hot enough property there to thaw them out!

It is a Taylor Hicks feast on the local radio and televison stations in Chicago and our singer of blue eyed soul music is well received there. He has made appearances on WGN and CBS, singing and interviewing. He has spoken to Dean Richards on WGN radio for a great interview and spent time with Roe Conn on WLS radio, giving a terrific Q&A and dialog for delighted listeners.

"Grease" tickets are selling like wildfire for the Chicago performances, and the appearance this Saturday night at Martyrs is reportedly nearly sold out. What better testimonty could there be to Taylor Hicks appeal than this? His charm on the stage is evident and that same southern charm comes through in all of his Chicago interviews. It seems everyone in that city is taken with Taylor Hicks and this is no surprise. He has delighted audiences since his first appearance on Idol and has continued to dazzle fans with his tours and TV appearances all over the United States and even overseas.

So if you are worried about making the trip to Chicago in the bitter cold...or if you live in the area and are hesitant about venturing out...just chuck those fears to the high winds there. Taylor Hicks is in Chicago and is burning up the stage and the airways, so you will be toasty warm in no time! Get to "Grease" and if there are tickets left for the wonderfully intimate Martyrs, take your frozen body over there and thaw out with some HAWT Taylor Hicks music!

Tickets to "Grease" and Martyrs can be purchased through Ticketmaster.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Wows WGN Chicago

Taylor Hicks made an appearance on WGN Chicago yesterday morning and quite thoroughly charmed everyone. He did a brief interview at first and then gave a very different and fantastic performance of his original song, "The Fall." His voice was very smooth, especially for 7 am! He sang with his typical passion and sincerity, which came through loud and clear. As I watched this, I was struck again by the dept of the lyrics and melody of "The Fall," and reminded again that Taylor has a magnificient gift for writing and presenting his music. And again I realized why I love this man's music so very much.

Afterward, Dean from WGN spent some time with Taylor and got a very excellent and interesting interview, inclusive of everything from "Grease" to music to favorite kid TV shows. It was a wonderful morning with Taylor Hicks and very good press for "Grease," which is now being presented at the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago. Taylor will also be interviewed by Dean again on WGN Radio at 11 am EST this Sunday. If you missed any of this super Tuesday with Taylor, you can watch it on the WGN site right here:
Just go to the right sidebar and click 'MORE' and then click Live Performances. You will find Taylor there. Also be sure to check out the performance by Buddy Guy. A DOUBLE TREAT! For some extra eye candy, stop by The Taylor Hicks Community media board in our "Grease" forum for some outstanding photos of this memorable morning with Taylor Hicks.

Enjoy and if you are in the Chicago area, don't forget to pick up your tickets for "Grease" for an evening you will love!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks~New Single Preview!

If you are among the fans impatiently waiting to hear new music from Taylor Hicks, you can now listen to a snippet of his new single, "What's Right is Right!" Head on over to Amazon and take a won't be sorry. It's worth the wait for it to be released!

Link to Listen:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~January 2007

Thinking back one year to where Taylor Hicks was in January, it is no surprise to find he was standing in front of LARGE audiences entertaining, just like he is now! One of the more memorable appearances was at the Liberty Bowl and Gala party, where he was interviewed on the football field and then shared his charm and talents with the party goers later on.

If you have not gotten to see the Taylor Hicks media from this event or have forgotten how really terrific it was, come on over to The Taylor Hicks Community's Take 2 section, where we are remembering the Liberty Bowl as one of the places where our SoulMan spent his last January. And then get yourself some tickets to "Grease" in Chicago and the after show at Martyrs for this January! This is what GOOD memories are made of!

Link to Liberty Bowl Memories:

The Right Place_The View