Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Wows WGN Chicago

Taylor Hicks made an appearance on WGN Chicago yesterday morning and quite thoroughly charmed everyone. He did a brief interview at first and then gave a very different and fantastic performance of his original song, "The Fall." His voice was very smooth, especially for 7 am! He sang with his typical passion and sincerity, which came through loud and clear. As I watched this, I was struck again by the dept of the lyrics and melody of "The Fall," and reminded again that Taylor has a magnificient gift for writing and presenting his music. And again I realized why I love this man's music so very much.

Afterward, Dean from WGN spent some time with Taylor and got a very excellent and interesting interview, inclusive of everything from "Grease" to music to favorite kid TV shows. It was a wonderful morning with Taylor Hicks and very good press for "Grease," which is now being presented at the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago. Taylor will also be interviewed by Dean again on WGN Radio at 11 am EST this Sunday. If you missed any of this super Tuesday with Taylor, you can watch it on the WGN site right here:
Just go to the right sidebar and click 'MORE' and then click Live Performances. You will find Taylor there. Also be sure to check out the performance by Buddy Guy. A DOUBLE TREAT! For some extra eye candy, stop by The Taylor Hicks Community media board in our "Grease" forum for some outstanding photos of this memorable morning with Taylor Hicks.

Enjoy and if you are in the Chicago area, don't forget to pick up your tickets for "Grease" for an evening you will love!

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juliegr said...

That was a fantastic interview -- I'm really enjoying all the positive press and acceptance for Taylor in his role as Teen Angel and for the performances of his early music.

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