Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taylor Hicks Heats Up Frozen Chicago!

Our weather report here states that it is the coldest winter in Chicago in eight years. But not to worry...Taylor Hicks is in the windy, frozen city this week again, and by all indications is hot enough property there to thaw them out!

It is a Taylor Hicks feast on the local radio and televison stations in Chicago and our singer of blue eyed soul music is well received there. He has made appearances on WGN and CBS, singing and interviewing. He has spoken to Dean Richards on WGN radio for a great interview and spent time with Roe Conn on WLS radio, giving a terrific Q&A and dialog for delighted listeners.

"Grease" tickets are selling like wildfire for the Chicago performances, and the appearance this Saturday night at Martyrs is reportedly nearly sold out. What better testimonty could there be to Taylor Hicks appeal than this? His charm on the stage is evident and that same southern charm comes through in all of his Chicago interviews. It seems everyone in that city is taken with Taylor Hicks and this is no surprise. He has delighted audiences since his first appearance on Idol and has continued to dazzle fans with his tours and TV appearances all over the United States and even overseas.

So if you are worried about making the trip to Chicago in the bitter cold...or if you live in the area and are hesitant about venturing out...just chuck those fears to the high winds there. Taylor Hicks is in Chicago and is burning up the stage and the airways, so you will be toasty warm in no time! Get to "Grease" and if there are tickets left for the wonderfully intimate Martyrs, take your frozen body over there and thaw out with some HAWT Taylor Hicks music!

Tickets to "Grease" and Martyrs can be purchased through Ticketmaster.


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