Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Taylor Hicks Experience

The Taylor Hicks Experience

I am trying to find words to accurately describe what the title of this blog entry means. It seems an impossible task to capture the SoulMan in words, because to experience Taylor Hicks live is like no other adventure I know of. Let me start with some adjectives:


Ok now that I have that off my chest, let me try to express what I am feeling after a whirlwind concert series. The opening bands are terrific…..they are into blues and soul…they prepare you, yet when they are through, nothing really prepares the first time concert goer for what they are about to see, hear, and digest. The lighting changes, the Taylor Hicks band enters the stage. Let me say something about this band. I am a diehard LiMBO fan, which is Taylor’s former band. However, this tour band is tightly formed and the more concerts they play, the closer they mesh with their Soulman and each other. Brian Less, the keyboardist from LiMBO and one of Taylor’s good friends, is with this tour and he is amazing! Brian G, the sax player, couldn’t be better, as well as Loren Gold’s keyboard. Drums are fantastic, guitars are great....Melanie’s vocals are mellow…all in all a perfect match for this tour. Yet another testimonial to Taylor's knowledge and talent with music, the unfailing ability to select two bands, each with superb musicial skills and appeal.

Enter Taylor. Music pumps, hearts thump, silver hair glows in the spotlight…the excitement in the theatre is palpable. From the first silver soul note, it is evident you are in the presence of a true musician and professional who has honed his craft for years, and who is at home on stage the way a sleek cat in the jungle is at home in his true habitat. Indeed, this soulcat commands the stage with a curious mix of super confidence and humble vulnerability. He knows his audience….he plays to his audience….and he connects with his audience in a way many performers never do.

The shows are a mixture of CD songs, cover songs, and originals. No two shows are the same, despite the repetition of the CD songs. Taylor mixes it up, changes set lists, managing to deliver the expected and surprise us at the same time. BRILLIANT staging.. The man is everywhere on the stage throughout the show. He is a raging, moving fireball of energy…raspy soul voice, funky dance moves, guitar, harmonica, tambourine, and yes.,,..COWBELL. He sings slow and soulful, he belts out hot and sexy, he is playful and intense, but in the end one word stands out to me. PASSION. The main show, the encores, the facial expressions, the dance moves, the eyes, and the fire….THIS IS THE TAYLOR HICKS EXPERIENCE. DO NOT MISS IT! Gawd, allow me one fangirly moment…WE LOVE YOU TAY!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Taylor Hicks at his finest at HOB Chicago. Make sure to vote this video up! THIS is what BLUES is all about!

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