Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing April with Taylor Hicks!

The old saying "March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb," only applies to weather. On the music scene, Taylor Hicks proves that March roars in and goes out with a BANG, paving the way for a sizzling April entry!

Taylor Hicks has shows lined up for the next few months and if you are a fan or even thinking about becoming a fan, get yourself to one of these shows! A Taylor Hicks show is a grand and energizing mix of original music by Taylor both past and present, fantastic covers, and pieces of music tagged onto other numbers. There are ballads for your romantic moments and rockin good soul for your upbeat pleasure.

Along with Taylor is a band comprised of some of the most talented musicians the south can offer. Brian Less on keyboards, Sam Gunderson on guitar, Jeff Lopez on sax, Brandon Peeples on bass, Leif Bonderanko on drums, and David Keith on percussion. And if you're lucky that night, you just might see the SoulMan on organ or keys!

Here are the shows lined up for Amazing April:

Holt High School Culture Fest in Tuscaloosa, AL

Beautiful Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA

Exciting Snogqualmie Casino, in Snogqualmie, WA

Stay tuned for Magical May which is packed with more Taylor Hicks goodies!

Info at:
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Manistee Pt2~The Three M's!

The Chippewa called it Manistee meaning "spirit of the woods." Its breathtaking views and picturesque surroundings set the stage for an amazing evening.

Picture a beautiful clear summer sky filled with bright stars and you have Manistee, Michigan. Imagine luminous Moonlight and add some sizzling Music by Taylor Hicks. You then have the makings for a Magical Moonlight Night of Music with one of the brighest stars of all!

I asked Taylor what concert goers can expect from this Taylor HIcks show hosted by Little River Casino. Here is what he had to say:

"The Manistee Show is going to be great! I am looking forward to getting back to Michigan. By then there will be some new great songs and the band will be rockin for sure!! Looking forward to it!! See you there!!"

Soooo...there you have it, folks. Right from the man himself! And if that's not enough tantalizing for you, check out this fantastic sample from a recent Cleveland show of what you can expect from a Taylor Hicks concert: "Dust My Broom."

Little River Casino is a great venue to see this show! Grab a ticket before they sell out and enjoy a night of Three M's with Taylor Hicks....Manistee, Moonlight, and Music to please all your senses!

Here is the place to be: Manistee photo by Steve Pepple

Little River Casino:

Tickets available here:
Star Tickets

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taylor Hicks~A Star in Northern Michigan's Sky

For those of us in Michigan and the surrounding midwest areaa, a long awaited concert is in sight! Taylor Hicks brings his energetic, unique, and fantastic show back to our fair state on May 29th.

Taylor Hicks will be appeariing at the Manistee Little River Casino and believe me, if you are in the area, you do NOT want to miss this opportunity to be entertained by a true artist in his element live onstage. Taylor brings with him a talented band that backs him to perfection featuring musicians who are tops in their craft. Brian Less on Keyboards ia amazing in what he can elicit from those keys. Jeff Lopez lends his spiritual sax sound, along with Sam Gunderson's fabulous guitar. Brandon Peeples on bass is equally superb, as is Leif Bonderanko on drums, and David Keith on percussion.

If you have not seen a Taylor Hicks concert, this is your chance to see one of the best live performances a ticket can provide! Taylor brings his special brand of blues, soul, and country rock and delivers it with high energy, deep passion, and plenty of fun on stage. Crowds can expect to hear original music such as "The Deal" mixed with tags from various songs, familiar covers in unique arrangements like "Bulletproof," and some ballads filled with emotion such as "Maybe You Should," a song from Taylor's latest CD The Distance.

Last summer, Taylor Hicks came to Bay City and brought the crowd to its feet again and again with his rocking good soul. He also brought them to tears with his poignant "Nineteen." I was there....it was incredible! And I will be there this May in Manistee as well. Will you???

Don't miss this chance to lose yourself in the music and talent of a genuine artist with an equally talented band. It's the perfect blend and the perfect way to spend an evening in a beautiful setting. Manistee is picturesque with plenty to do before and after the show, especially if you stay at the casino. Little River has good rates and will offer a wonderful showcase for this supremely entertaining artist.

Click the video above for a sample treat. Don't miss out! Get your tickets for Taylor Hicks today right here! They are going fast, so don't delay!
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