Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taylor Hicks~Manistee Pt2~The Three M's!

The Chippewa called it Manistee meaning "spirit of the woods." Its breathtaking views and picturesque surroundings set the stage for an amazing evening.

Picture a beautiful clear summer sky filled with bright stars and you have Manistee, Michigan. Imagine luminous Moonlight and add some sizzling Music by Taylor Hicks. You then have the makings for a Magical Moonlight Night of Music with one of the brighest stars of all!

I asked Taylor what concert goers can expect from this Taylor HIcks show hosted by Little River Casino. Here is what he had to say:

"The Manistee Show is going to be great! I am looking forward to getting back to Michigan. By then there will be some new great songs and the band will be rockin for sure!! Looking forward to it!! See you there!!"

Soooo...there you have it, folks. Right from the man himself! And if that's not enough tantalizing for you, check out this fantastic sample from a recent Cleveland show of what you can expect from a Taylor Hicks concert: "Dust My Broom."

Little River Casino is a great venue to see this show! Grab a ticket before they sell out and enjoy a night of Three M's with Taylor Hicks....Manistee, Moonlight, and Music to please all your senses!

Here is the place to be: Manistee photo by Steve Pepple

Little River Casino:

Tickets available here:
Star Tickets


chill said...

I can't wait! And did he say NEW songs? Boy, I'll tell ya, just like Taylor, I need some R & R and Manistee looks to be the perfect place to make that happen.

wings said...

Thanks Gypsee for this great article. I look forward to this concert.

Gypsee said...

Yes, he definitely said new songs. No specifics but whatever it is, it's going to be good!

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