Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks~More Friends Speak

This week our Early Taylor Hicks Interview is from someone very special. Donna Slater, Entertainment Director at FloraBama, has spent some time talking to us about Taylor Hicks in those early days.

Donna was one of the first to ever hire Taylor Hicks. Her insights are simply priceless! Don't miss this excellent lookback with Donna Slater and the FloraBama on our TTHC media board, in the Long Train Runnin section. You definitely want to read this one! While you are there, check out our other interviews with Taylor's friends. We also have media and mp3s and a virtual Taylor Hicks scrapbook for you to enjoy, all neatly presented in one forum. Here is the link to the FloraBama interview and the link to our Early Taylor section. Enjoy!

Donna Slater~FloraBama Interview:

TTHC Early Taylor Section:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks~France is Sizzling!

Soooo...Taylor Hicks and his Southern Charm grace France :) If you have not heard the new audio blog at Taylor Hicks Headquarters Fanclub, get over there! It is short and sweet, with some intriguing background music and a little cute French-Speak from our SoulMan.

This is now posted both at Taylor's official fanclub and at his public myspace, for all to enjoy. It's worth the visit to either site! Taylor is in France and recording...what better news can we get on any given day?


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Helps Kids Once Again!

Taylor with Kids at Grammy U

Taylor Hicks is a consummate artist. His music is genuine, perfect, and soulful. And speaking of soul....Taylor's Heart and Soul are definitely in THE RIGHT PLACE, especially when it comes to working for, and talking, with kids. He has helped out many major charity events and also taken time to talk with kids at various events about careers and music and life, including Grammy U and Me TV.

According to Al.Com's article about the Magic Moments Charity, Taylor Hicks was the FIRST to sign up to help his home state of Alabama make kids wishes come true. He is in good company, with Reuben Studdard, Joe Namath, Al Del Greco, and Olympian Vonetta Flowers, who are all helping the Magic Moments Charity help grant chronically ill children's wishes. This coincides with Stars Fall on Alabama this year.

You can read about Taylor Hicks and the others right here:

Taylor Hicks is a man with more HEART AND SOUL than can fill one single spirit. The Taylor Hicks Community SALUTES AND LOVES you, Taylor, for filling the Hearts, Souls, and Spirits of the children of Alabama and everywhere else.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks~More Friends Reminisce

Our Taylor Hicks Early Taylor newest interview is from Clay Connor, who was very sweet to take time from his schedule to help us get yet another view of Taylor in the early days. We thank Clay for his insights and hope everyone will visit his websites. He is an extremely talented musician on his own and with Taylor, and hearing him live is quite the treat! You can find his info and some videos and links to his sites at the end of the interview, in our Early Taylor section on The Taylor Hicks Community Media Board, right here:

Come on over and check out ALL the Early Taylor Hicks interviews and media. It's fun and informative, and a good way to spend some time while we wait for the new CD!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Birmingham's Best of the Best

BEST LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD~~AND THE WINNIER IS***TAYLOR HICKS! How I love to hear that said again and again.

The Taylor Hicks Community wishes to congratulate Taylor for once again proving that Alabama grows some mighty BIG AND FINE talent. The Best of Best in Birmingham has counted its votes, and Taylor Hicks takes the Local Boy title once again. But of course, his fans already know he is one of the best gifts Alabama has to offer, and he has good company from his home state with the likes of Bo Bice, Reuben Studdard, and Charles Barkley.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks Virtual Scrapbook

The Taylor Hicks Community has put up a new feature, which is great fun to explore!

For your viewing pleasure, a Taylor Hicks Virtual Scrapbook of his early music appearances and a few early Idol items. This section consists of site links to these various stops, a little information on them, and media for your own collections.

Take a look, it's another good way to enjoy Taylor Hicks, while we wait for him to grace the theatre and concert stage again.

Link to Scrapbook~Open to the General Public to View:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks~A Millersville Lookback

As we look forward to two new tours from Taylor Hicks, "Grease" and his new CD tour, I am lost in memories of the last concert I attended on his solo tour Journey. Millersville, PA...a night of many surprises. It was the best of was the worst of But it was all in all, a fantastic evening! Taylor was at his wonderful supremo and so, I have lots of goodies from that show.

If you would like to re-live one of the last legs of Taylor Hicks and his solo CD tour, please join us at the TTHC Media Board Take 2 area, for REMEMBERING MILLERSVILLE. This area is open to all, members and non members to view.

I cannot WAIT to have threads remembering the new CD tour! Go Tay!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks Birthday Present To His Fans!

Wbat a Birthday this is already!

Taylor Hicks has announced a new and fantastic deal with Artist to Market (A2M) record label. Here is some info about this terrific company!

"Launched in 2005, Artist To Market Distribution (A2M) is an independent music distributor and artist services company designed to work directly with artists, labels, and content owners to streamline the supply chain, provide flexible service solutions, and deliver new product to the marketplace at a lower cost. Over the past two years A2M has partnered with a diverse group of platinum and multi-platinum artists including Dolly Parton, Tracy Lawrence, Tommy Lee, John Michael Montgomery, Sinead O'Connor, Unwritten Law, and Tracy Byrd, in addition to critically-acclaimed newcomers, The Cool Kids. More information can be found at:"

Taylor is working in the studio with Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Faith Hill). The new Taylor Hicks CD is set for a release date of Febuary 10th, 2009.


Taylor Hicks~It's Your Birthday!'s October 7th, the birthday of our favorite harmonica playing, blues singing, SoulMan. Taylor Hicks was born 32 years ago in Alabama. And the rest is history in the making! What a Journey your life has taken you on, Taylor!

The Taylor Hicks Community wants to wish you all the Best on your Birthday and in the coming year. With all you have going for you, it's bound to be spectacular!


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