Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks~A Millersville Lookback

As we look forward to two new tours from Taylor Hicks, "Grease" and his new CD tour, I am lost in memories of the last concert I attended on his solo tour Journey. Millersville, PA...a night of many surprises. It was the best of was the worst of But it was all in all, a fantastic evening! Taylor was at his wonderful supremo and so, I have lots of goodies from that show.

If you would like to re-live one of the last legs of Taylor Hicks and his solo CD tour, please join us at the TTHC Media Board Take 2 area, for REMEMBERING MILLERSVILLE. This area is open to all, members and non members to view.

I cannot WAIT to have threads remembering the new CD tour! Go Tay!


Anonymous said...

I didn't go to that concert, but am looking forward to reading about the good time that everyone had!
Jean aka purplebutterflies

Anonymous said...

I was not there either , but the recaps and pictures and videos that I have seen, have been spectacular.

Thanks all!!!


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