Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks~More Friends Speak

This week our Early Taylor Hicks Interview is from someone very special. Donna Slater, Entertainment Director at FloraBama, has spent some time talking to us about Taylor Hicks in those early days.

Donna was one of the first to ever hire Taylor Hicks. Her insights are simply priceless! Don't miss this excellent lookback with Donna Slater and the FloraBama on our TTHC media board, in the Long Train Runnin section. You definitely want to read this one! While you are there, check out our other interviews with Taylor's friends. We also have media and mp3s and a virtual Taylor Hicks scrapbook for you to enjoy, all neatly presented in one forum. Here is the link to the FloraBama interview and the link to our Early Taylor section. Enjoy!

Donna Slater~FloraBama Interview:

TTHC Early Taylor Section:

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