Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Taylor Hicks is in rehearsals now for "Grease." The theatre policy is NO VIDEO OR AUDIO OR PHOTOS DURING THE PERFORMANCE. It is my fervent hope that this will be strictly followed by everyone in the audience, to show respect for Taylor and the theatre who has given him this FABULOUS opportunity!

However...take heart! The actors usually come out the side stage door to sign autographs and take pictures after the performance. No clue about before hand. Also, thanks to OBG's persistence in communicating with the theatre, she found out that several local stations may stream some audio or video clips on Opening Night, so perhaps Taylor will be in some of those. Check your TV stations if you are in the area, and check the station's websites for possible streams or glimpses of our SoulMan! Here are the ones OBG mentioned:


I hope all fans who get to attend have a terrific time and bring back good recaps and whatever photos they are allowed to legally obtain after the performance is over.
It's so great that Taylor will have so much support, not only at Opening Night, but all through the summer when his fans are sitting in those audiences. Any and all gifts or cards can be sent to Taylor by mailing them to the theatre address and putting Attention Taylor Hicks on the package or envelope. He gets his own dressing room...WOOHOO...STAR TREATMENT! So anything sent to him will be taken there.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks~The Journey

This week is Finale Week on AI. It is also the anniversary of Taylor Hicks and his moving win! Today and the rest of this week, you can re-live these special times with us at TTHC on our media board.

We have two special threads starting today, for your viewing pleasure. The first one features the three Finale Performances on that Fateful night. The second thread features "Do I Make You Proud" and Taylor's very emotional win footage. This brings tears to the eyes of everyTaylor fan who watches it again!

These special Take 2 topics and all of the other Take 2 topics there are open to everyone, memeber or not, to view and comment on. Just go to these two links for today's Special Finale Media for Taylor Hicks and the end of a long and wonderful Journey that begun with Contestant Number 74094 and ended with...AND THE WINNER IS...TAYLOR HICKS!

Links to view...just copy and paste links into your browser:
Finale Three Performances

Finale DIMYP and Win:


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Taylor Hicks...silver fox of the Soul World....brings his special Magic to the Broadway stage. He has been given the role of Teen Angel in "Grease," and will be appearing from June 6 until September 7.

What a terrific honor for our SoulMan! And what great exposure...and yes I could be making a pun if he wears wings and! Taylor is excited about this new summer venture and so are we, his fanbase. He is sure to add campy, fabulous Taylorizing to this song and make his mark on the theatre stage as well as the tour stage.

DON'T MISS THIS! Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster and are fairly reasonable for decent seats. There are afternoon and evening shows...just make sure to check with the theatre to make sure your choice stars Taylor for that performance. "Grease" first opened in 1972 and has had a long history in theatre and film, with many stars playing the teen angel role, most notably in Franke Avalon. Others include Donny Most, Davy Jones, Eddy Mekka, Chubby Checker, Al Jarreau and Jennifer Holliday.

RUN DON'T WALK TO YOUR NEAREST TICKETMASTER! This has to be the most fun you will have all summer!

Friday, May 9, 2008



Taylor Hicks DID go home, again and again, starting with his TRIUMPHANT moments when the Idol Top 3 were sent to their home towns from the show. Taylor arrived in style, entertained in style, and set hearts even further ABLAZE than ever before! The look on his face coming down that elevator to the Gallery, the interviews with his family, the Gallery shows, re-uniting with LiMBO, his former band, all of this serves as TESTIMONY to the talent and appeal of our silver-haired SoulMan.

Staring on Sunday, and going all through the week, we will be featuring a special Take 2 Video Lookback. Each day we will present some footage of this FABULOUS visit home from our complete Homecoming Media Library, for your viewing pleasure and memories. Some of it is RAWKING HAWT, some is funny, and all of it is as moving and exciting as it gets!

Taylor spent 10 yrs selling CDs from his car, hitting late night gigs with his band, working his butt off to try to get his name and face known. WELL YOU DID, BABY...IN A BIG, BIG WAY! If this walk down Memory Lane of those GLORIOUS moments back in Birmingham doesn't bring you to smiles and tears...well...we will eat!

Come join us in our Special Take 2 Homecoming Memories! This is open to all fans, members or not, just to enjoy once again the MAGIC OF TAYLOR HICKS in his home town, in all his Glory and Love.

Link to Take 2:
http://z15. invisionfree. com/TaylorMade/index. php?showtopic=5926

Monday, May 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Stamping For The Soul!

Wow....we usually hear about people Stompin for Taylor Hicks music and charm.

Now you can be STAMPIN for our SoulMan! The next featured American Idol postage stamps are of Taylor and they are truly a sight to behold. There is a limited quantity, 2000 sheets per state, and they are for the American Idol Gives Back Charity, a worthwhile effort. get to look at Taylor yet again....what a hard job, but someone HAS to do it. So yes, I ordered my sheets.

Check out this site to order...don't delay or your state might run out. Gawd...any state running out of Taylor Hicks is an American Tragedy in the making.

Site address:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks~The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful At The Derby

Taylor Hicks....DERBY MAN! He looked great, seemed to be having a fine time, and as usual, carried himself and his WOO with great charm. Taylor didn't get his TV Red Carpet time, but his pictures are posted everywhere, along with video snippets of his southern "Grace At The Race." He mingled with other celebs, attended parties and galas,and just generally seemed to have had a RAWKIN good time!

A beautiful mare named EightBells lost her life running a race for humans to make money, finishing second in a fabulous run, and breaking both her ankles and having to be euthanized there. This bothers me...sorry.

Just take a look at any fansite on the is filled with glorious photos of witness to how good our SoulMan looked and felt at the Derby. His suits, while a little long in the sleeves...LOL...were a perfect offset to his silver hair and his southern charm. His smile could light up the darkest room...and he definitely knows how to pose for the! Our Boy has surely come full circle now.

For some peeks at all this DERBY WONDERFULNESS,check the various fansites around the Taylor world, and make SURE to stop by our TTHC~TMO boards for recaps, discussion, and of course, media. We have lots of nice photos contributed by many, plus some little video snippest to download in nontour video and photo sections.


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