Monday, May 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Stamping For The Soul!

Wow....we usually hear about people Stompin for Taylor Hicks music and charm.

Now you can be STAMPIN for our SoulMan! The next featured American Idol postage stamps are of Taylor and they are truly a sight to behold. There is a limited quantity, 2000 sheets per state, and they are for the American Idol Gives Back Charity, a worthwhile effort. get to look at Taylor yet again....what a hard job, but someone HAS to do it. So yes, I ordered my sheets.

Check out this site to order...don't delay or your state might run out. Gawd...any state running out of Taylor Hicks is an American Tragedy in the making.

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Loni Reeder said...

Hey Gypsee! I'm sure these are not going to last, so I hope everyone jumps on board and orders (it's also an EXCELLENT way for America to send a message to AI that in spite of "their" dismissive attitude toward Taylor, that he is still the most voted-for AI winner, and that his fans will continue to support him in spite of their lack of mention of him).

Many thanks to you for bringing this to our attention PRIOR to the television announcement (my order has been placed!) --- and while I'm sure this is the opening that many of Taylor's fans have been looking for (the opportunity to give him a good "licking............" --- although I am sure these are self-sticking stamps --- though that will not deter any TRUE die hard Taylor fan!!!) --- more importantly, this will most definitely help the "Idol Gives Back" charity.

Let's make this the most successful stamp sale AI has!!!!


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