Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Taylor Hicks is in rehearsals now for "Grease." The theatre policy is NO VIDEO OR AUDIO OR PHOTOS DURING THE PERFORMANCE. It is my fervent hope that this will be strictly followed by everyone in the audience, to show respect for Taylor and the theatre who has given him this FABULOUS opportunity!

However...take heart! The actors usually come out the side stage door to sign autographs and take pictures after the performance. No clue about before hand. Also, thanks to OBG's persistence in communicating with the theatre, she found out that several local stations may stream some audio or video clips on Opening Night, so perhaps Taylor will be in some of those. Check your TV stations if you are in the area, and check the station's websites for possible streams or glimpses of our SoulMan! Here are the ones OBG mentioned:


I hope all fans who get to attend have a terrific time and bring back good recaps and whatever photos they are allowed to legally obtain after the performance is over.
It's so great that Taylor will have so much support, not only at Opening Night, but all through the summer when his fans are sitting in those audiences. Any and all gifts or cards can be sent to Taylor by mailing them to the theatre address and putting Attention Taylor Hicks on the package or envelope. He gets his own dressing room...WOOHOO...STAR TREATMENT! So anything sent to him will be taken there.


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