Monday, December 29, 2008

TAYLOR HICKS~HAPPY 2009!'s nearly 2009! This seems to have snuck up on us fast. I find myself checking back to see what I found interesting in 2008 and what I wish for in 2009 that will be new and exciting.

Among the musical treasures for me of 2008 are the Taylor Hicks keepsakes that illustrate the broad spectrum of his talent and his willingness to take a risk with something new. As his 2007 solo tour came to a close and fans were feeling his absence from the stage, Taylor began a new phase in his career. He emerged on the Broadway stage and took it by storm in "Grease" as Teen Angel, and took that even further to a national tour. He also began the long and carefully crafted work on his new CD "The Distance," due out March 10th.

As I reflect on 2008, both in my personal life and in following Taylor Hicks in his pursuit of Dreams even higher than he imagined, I find myself wondering where any of us would be without the support of family and friends? Whether my own life was rich with family experiences or difficult with illnesses, I would try to look for the many ways to enjoy the pleasures in life that were there for the taking. Among these for me is Taylor Hicks music.

Taylor has written about his struggles in his book Heart Full of Soul and spoken about his dedication to his Dream in countless interviews. He has always stressed the support he receives from his family and friends and fan base. Taylor Hicks is among several who have influenced my past year by reminding us that you best move forward and improve your life by your own hands and determination. Staying positive isn't easy in our world lately. However, people like Taylor and others who refuse to give up, are a constant boost to anyone who doubts the possibility of achieving a Dream. is a fond farewell to 2008 and a big HELLO to 2009! I am going to start my first month of 2009 with many wonderful experiences, and among them is an appearance by Taylor Hicks at a shadow tour show after his "Grease" performance. A new year filled with new music by my favorite singer of blue-eyed soul and the promise of love and support with my family and friends...what could be better? If you have the time and the means this year, please DON'T forget to add those things which give you pleasure to those which you must do, or to those that take precedence over others. If music is among your treasures, then go for it! Music frees the Soul, gives it Life and energy. And who better to offer that to us than Taylor Hicks, the man who has given his Heart and Soul to music and to his fans? Check out his National "Grease" tour and the shadow shows afterward, coming to a town near you soon. Treat yourself this coming year!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Spreading Holiday Cheer!

If you are in the Holiday spirit and love good Christmas music, as well as loving Taylor Hicks, you've come to The Right Place. The Taylor Hicks Community has several ways to enjoy this season in a Soulful way.

Taylor Hicks has crooned, rocked, and harped his way through the past few years and right into our hearts. His giving spirit and sincere love of music and life have inspired fans of all ages in many ways. TTHC would like to help spread some Taylor Christmas cheer, so here are a few links to help all fans wish Taylor a good Holiday and to enjoy the celebration of this season with our favorite SoulMan.

Sign and view Taylor's Christmas card here:

Watch and listen to Taylor Hicks share his beautiful Holiday performances here:

And for some INCREDIBLE and BREATH TAKING Holiday artwork:

If this inspires you, please remember to support the childrens charities which have helped so many families in Taylor's honor and don't forget our Troops this year!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taylor Hicks~White Christmas Week

That magical time is getting closer and closer! Taylor Hicks and Soulful Christmas...what a combo. For my first present, I took myself and hubby to see "Grease" here in Michigan. What a fabulous evening! Front row seats and a Meet and Greet afterward, even my husband got to meet the SoulMan. Taylor RAWKED that stage and was every bit as good as he was on Broadway...perhaps better. My full recap and a few photos are on the Taylor Hicks Community message and media boards.

In case you don't get to "Grease" before the Holidays and are longing for some Taylor Hicks in your life, visit our Take 2 section where we are featuring a different Christmas performance each week through the Holidays. This week it is a fantastic version of "White Christmas" from the Early Show, with an unbelievable high def capture and some lucious photos to go with it, plus a download of the song in MP3 format.

Come on over and celebrate with us...everyone can see and hear this Christmas Cheer!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Michigan Welcomes You!

Taylor Hicks is gracing the stage as Teen Angel in the college town of East Lansing, Michigan this week. I am excited, as this is my home state! Taylor has opened to fabulous reviews in Providence and this should follow him right to the Wharton Center stage.

East Lansing is not very far from Detriot~MoTown, and Taylor has never been far from the soul sound of MoTown, which has inspired him. If you are in the area, tickets are still available, so make sure you don't miss your chance! Let's give our SoulMan a huge welcome here!

Here is a link to the tickets and info. SEE YOU THERE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Soulful Christmas

This is the time of year when family and friends draw together to celebrate each other and the Holiday Season. Taylor Hicks may be on the road at Christmas time, or possibly with family for a while. Some do it up big and others have a quiet celebration. However we all experience this special time, the gift and Joy of seasonal music is free and plentiful.

What better way to warm up your Heart and Soul, than with some Taylor Hicks Christmas cheer? Each week on The Taylor Hicks Community in our Take 2 area, we will feature video, mp3, and photos of Taylor doing what he does best...bringing warmth and smiles to fans everywhere! And the Holidays are no exception. Check out our Take 2~Christmas Taylor section each Sunday or during the week for some Soulful Taylor Hicks Christmas!


Thursday, December 4, 2008


In an interview in Providence, R.I. where Taylor Hicks is starring in the National Tour of "Grease," Taylor revealed the title of his upcoming CD. It is called The Distance and how aptly named this is! Taylor Hicks has gone THE DISTANCE and then some.

While speculation among his fanbase runs high as to the meaning of this title, many meanings fit. Taylors tells us the new album is a mix of different genres. One thing remains crystal clear, however....Taylor Hicks is an artist who knows exactly what he is doing, and who he is. And that spells SUCCESS!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks Grease Tour Opens Today

The Taylor Hicks National "Grease" Tour begins today! With the added performance of his new music at the end, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser in every city. Taylor has always been innovative and unique, and true to form, he has made the Teen Angel role his own. He swept Broadway all summer and today begins his winter success story.

Taylor Hicks is "winging" his way across America with shadow shows after some performances up his rhinestone sleeves. WILL YOU BE THERE???

Don't miss this when "Grease" and Taylor Hicks land in your town. Get tickets and M&G packages right here!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Taylor Hicks~ Our A2M Interview

Taylor Hicks and Artist2Market....the Dynamic Duo! Rick DiLoreto graciously spent some time talking with TTHC about their terrific distribution and about our SoulMan.
It seems A2M is as confident about the new CD as Taylor and his fans are!

If you would like to enlighten yourself about A2M and its relationship with Taylor Hicks, plus some news about the single release, check it out here!
Use the hyperlink on the right to read the interview :)

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