Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jam Cruise 9~Thanks Jeff Grady!

Jam Cruise 9 from jeff grady on Vimeo.

BIG LOVE to Jeff Grady for sharing his FABULOUS Jam Cruise 9 video with us all. Taylor Hicks fans and all the artists' fans are eternally grateful. Amazing video, fantastic cruise, music to die for!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor Hicks And A To Farewell Regis!

A legend in talk show entertainment is leaving us! The Regis and Kelly Live show has come to an important time of change. Regis announced on the show that he would be retiring sometime this summer. This show has been host to so many great folks, many celebrities who have had a wonderful time visiting and performing on a show so widely enjoyed every morning. Regis, along with Kelly Rippa, made everyone feel welcome and put them at ease with their warm and funny personalities. Taylor Hicks was one of those lucky ones who made several appearances on the show.

Taylor Hicks graced their stage for a variety of occasions. He performed his wonderful new single "What's Right is Right" and also performed with the cast of "Grease," singing "Beauty School Dropout" for fans to enjoy. He also took part in their Dating Game and was a good sport about having his date filmed and aired. And on another great episode, he sang a beautiful and memorable "The Right Place" from his first post Idol CD, Taylor Hicks, at the Wedding of the Century on Regis and Kelly's Wedding Week. The bride and groom requested this song and he moved us all when we watched and heard it.

If you missed any of Taylor Hicks on Regis and Kelly, or just want to re-live the fun, check these appearances out here in our Regis and Kelly Live Lookback section. It's a great stroll down memory lane! Farewell, Regis! You will be so very missed!

Taylor Hicks on Regis and Kelly:
Regis and Kelly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taylor Hicks And the Cruise That Never Ends!

Media is still flying from everywhere from those folks lucky enough to be on the Jam Cruise 9 adventure! It is the cruise that never ends! And at TaylorMadeOnline Media, we are fortunate to have so much Taylor Hicks shared with us to offer to our guests and members.

If you are seriously in need of a Taylor Hicks fix and want to experience a little of Jam Cruise magic, check out our Jam Cruise 9 section for downloads, embeds, and photos of Taylor and the other many talented musicians on the cruise. We keep adding, as new media surfaces from those generous folks who were on hand to film it. So sail on by and get your fix :)

Link to our Jam Cruise 9 Media:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taylor Hicks And Jam Cruise 9_Wow Just Wow!

By all accounts from passengers and everyone connected with Jam Cruise 9, Taylor Hicks can cut the mustard! He generously gave his talents to numerous sit ins, as well as hosting their delightful Gong Show Event, and helped make this cruise a top favorite among all who were there. So much talent in one place, so many to enjoy it, and so very many rave reviews about our Soul Man!

Many said Taylor Hicks made a lot of new fans. Those of us who already know what an amazing talent Taylor is can help out by giving his upcoming shows info to any Jam Cruise passengers we speak to. You never know who may decide to experience the Taylor Hicks magic again, and boy, do we ever know they are in for a TREAT with a CAPITAL T!

For all of your Jam Cruise 9 media needs, TMO Media has a great thread with video clips both embedded and for downloading, photos, and cool comments about Taylor Hicks from those who saw, heard, and met him on this cruise. They loved our Soul Man! And so do we!

Link to TMO Media's Jam Cruise 9 thread:

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Photo by Brad Hodge.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taylor Hicks Rocks Jam Cruise 9!

Taylor Hicks has been very active this fall and winter. And one of the best times with Taylor and many other talented artists occurred this last week on Jam Cruise 9.

By all accounts, Taylor Hicks made himself known fondly by the various bands by offering to sit in with many of them and rocking the boat with his soulful and wonderful vocals, which were well received by all on hand.

Iclips will have some great media from this. And make sure to visit Paul Mclaren's fabulous photo site for a special glimpse of the fun! Here is the link to his photos...thanks so much for sharing these, Paul!


The Right Place_The View