Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Friends Speak Out

The Taylor Hicks Community is pleased to bring you yet another great interview from a friend and bandmate of Taylor Hicks. Brian Gallagher has given us some of his insights about touring and recording with Taylor, plus some awesome info on his own music and upcoming CD. Check it out here! Thanks so much, and your sax RAWK!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taylor Hicks is What's Right in China!

Taylor Hicks and his single, "What's Right is Right," have gone global! Apparently in China, they think enough of him to include him on their web page for new music and videos, and they even feature the video! Just for fun, here is their piece on Taylor Hicks. See if you can find the translation!

点击试听:希克斯新专辑主打歌《What's Right Is Right》
希克斯 - 《What's Right Is Right》

《What's Right Is Right》是泰勒·希克斯(Taylor Hicks)即将发行的第二张录音室专辑《The Distance》中的第一支单曲。专辑《The Distance》由著名音乐人西蒙·克莱米(Simon Climie)制作,西蒙之前曾帮助埃里克·克莱普顿(Eric Clapton)、卡洛斯·桑塔纳(Carlos Santana)和费斯·希尔(Faith Hill)等艺人打造热门单曲。这张专辑计划于3月10日在美国发行,歌迷们还将在专辑中听到吉他手道尔·布莱姆豪尔(Doyle Bramhall II)、贝司手纳森·伊斯特(Nathan East)以及鼓手阿比·莱伯瑞艾尔(Abe Laboriel Jr)的声音。 (本文来源:网易娱乐专稿 )

To see the entire page with everyone else's music along with Taylor Hicks, click this link:


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Belly Up and West Coast Lovin It!

From all accounts, it sounds like Taylor Hicks not only took the "Grease" stage by storm, but completely floored those lucky attendees to the Belly Up show last Wednesday evening! Many fans of all ages crowded the venue to either get a first glimpse at Taylor Hicks in concert or to be there as loyal fans who were stoked to see him in their territory. They were not disappointed.

Taylor Hicks sang his blue eyed soul heart out! He sang, tagged, stomped, harped, and charmed his way into the audience and left them breathless. San Diego gave Taylor a great deal of press before this event and also regarding his "Grease" tour there. This seems to have proven itself invaluable for getting the word out about the Belly Up appearance, as evidenced by the full house and delighted fans. Reports from various groups state this was THE show to see and for those lucky enough to have attended...YEA! Here is a set list:

The Distance
Give Me Tonight
Heaven Knows/The~Maze tags Wild World/Did Ye Get Healed
Heart And Soul~tags Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Lodi
Woman's Gotta Have It
Gonna Move~tag Jet Airliner
I Live On A Battlefield
The Deal
Seven Mile Breakdown
Hide Nor Hair What's Right Is Right
Soul Thing (
My Sweet Lord

Since I was not able to attend, you will have to search around the various sites for firsthand reports. I notice one of my favs, "Once Upon A Lover," was not included but I am hoping for a future venue which I can attend, to include this great dance song.

Be sure to check out this wonderful blog and the gorgeous pictures! They were asked to cover the event by Taylor's people and they did a super job! Leave them a thank you, while you are there :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks~San Diego Loves You!

Taylor Hicks is out in San Diego for his "Grease" performance and a shadow tour show at the Belly Up tonight. He must be a very tired man today, because yesterday he was EVERYWHERE! If you haven't seem the impressive media blitz, then you have a long night's viewing ahead of you. Their media can't seem to get enough of him, with radio interviews, video interviews, and many photos. And Taylor's charm shines through in each and every one...they adore him!

In case you have not taken advantage of all of this wonderfulness, you can find this amazing list of viewing and listening pleasure right here on
Get some popcorn and a comfy chair, and have a great time with these! Taylor has taken San Diego TV and Radio by storm and we glad he did!

Here is where you can find the list of viewing sites:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~The Distance Nails It!

AOL has removed their listening party page for Taylor Hicks The Distance, but the lyrics and melodies remain with those who have listened. For the most part, reactions have been very positive and for me, rightly so. Barnes and Noble now has samples, not full songs, where fans can listen once again and mull over their choices.

As I remember and re-listen to the snippets, I find myself still drawn to the same songs I first heard. "Maybe You Should" is the Taylor Hicks masterpiece of the CD to me, with its bluesy and gut wrenching sound and words. I can't say enough about how fantastic this song is, especially the production of it. It is quiet and resigned, yet so moving...because of that very tone. "What's Right is Right" remains a true favorite also. The song I cannot get out of my head and which keeps my feet moving is the Latin flavored song, "Once Upon A Lover of Mine." While some feel it is not the favorite on the CD, to me it screams DANCE AND PARTY! I adore Latin music and the beat, and I think Taylor does an awesome job on this particular cut. It is a departure from his usual style, yet it is done with his typical Taylor uniqueness that makes it his own. I am thinking this will be a blast to see and hear at a live show and that he will have a great time performing it. I also am drawn to "I Live On A Battlefield" and "The Distance," which is the title song. Again, the words hit me first and the melodies they are set to are a wonderful pairing.

The light hearted songs, such as "Keepin It Real," and "Wedding Day Blues," are not as addictive to me as the ones above. That being said, I do love them for their pure fun and I am looking forward to listening to these again, to get to know them better. "Woman's Gotta Have It" is without a doubt, the smash soul song of the CD. Elliott Yamin duets with Taylor Hicks and those two voices just BRING IT HOME! This is one of the songs I'd love to see a video of and also to see and hear live. All of the other songs have merit as well, and although "Nineteen" is a painful message to listen to, Taylor's version of this is just amazing.

All in all, I would say if you have not heard this new CD, get on over to Barnes and Nobel and treat yourself to a sample. And on March 10, be sure to purchase several for yourself and friends. This new Taylor Hicks blue eyed soul CD is going to cover and close The Distance in a very pleasing manner.

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