Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Belly Up and West Coast Lovin It!

From all accounts, it sounds like Taylor Hicks not only took the "Grease" stage by storm, but completely floored those lucky attendees to the Belly Up show last Wednesday evening! Many fans of all ages crowded the venue to either get a first glimpse at Taylor Hicks in concert or to be there as loyal fans who were stoked to see him in their territory. They were not disappointed.

Taylor Hicks sang his blue eyed soul heart out! He sang, tagged, stomped, harped, and charmed his way into the audience and left them breathless. San Diego gave Taylor a great deal of press before this event and also regarding his "Grease" tour there. This seems to have proven itself invaluable for getting the word out about the Belly Up appearance, as evidenced by the full house and delighted fans. Reports from various groups state this was THE show to see and for those lucky enough to have attended...YEA! Here is a set list:

The Distance
Give Me Tonight
Heaven Knows/The~Maze tags Wild World/Did Ye Get Healed
Heart And Soul~tags Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Lodi
Woman's Gotta Have It
Gonna Move~tag Jet Airliner
I Live On A Battlefield
The Deal
Seven Mile Breakdown
Hide Nor Hair What's Right Is Right
Soul Thing (
My Sweet Lord

Since I was not able to attend, you will have to search around the various sites for firsthand reports. I notice one of my favs, "Once Upon A Lover," was not included but I am hoping for a future venue which I can attend, to include this great dance song.

Be sure to check out this wonderful blog and the gorgeous pictures! They were asked to cover the event by Taylor's people and they did a super job! Leave them a thank you, while you are there :)

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