Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks~San Diego Loves You!

Taylor Hicks is out in San Diego for his "Grease" performance and a shadow tour show at the Belly Up tonight. He must be a very tired man today, because yesterday he was EVERYWHERE! If you haven't seem the impressive media blitz, then you have a long night's viewing ahead of you. Their media can't seem to get enough of him, with radio interviews, video interviews, and many photos. And Taylor's charm shines through in each and every one...they adore him!

In case you have not taken advantage of all of this wonderfulness, you can find this amazing list of viewing and listening pleasure right here on
Get some popcorn and a comfy chair, and have a great time with these! Taylor has taken San Diego TV and Radio by storm and we glad he did!

Here is where you can find the list of viewing sites:

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