Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~The Distance Nails It!

AOL has removed their listening party page for Taylor Hicks The Distance, but the lyrics and melodies remain with those who have listened. For the most part, reactions have been very positive and for me, rightly so. Barnes and Noble now has samples, not full songs, where fans can listen once again and mull over their choices.

As I remember and re-listen to the snippets, I find myself still drawn to the same songs I first heard. "Maybe You Should" is the Taylor Hicks masterpiece of the CD to me, with its bluesy and gut wrenching sound and words. I can't say enough about how fantastic this song is, especially the production of it. It is quiet and resigned, yet so moving...because of that very tone. "What's Right is Right" remains a true favorite also. The song I cannot get out of my head and which keeps my feet moving is the Latin flavored song, "Once Upon A Lover of Mine." While some feel it is not the favorite on the CD, to me it screams DANCE AND PARTY! I adore Latin music and the beat, and I think Taylor does an awesome job on this particular cut. It is a departure from his usual style, yet it is done with his typical Taylor uniqueness that makes it his own. I am thinking this will be a blast to see and hear at a live show and that he will have a great time performing it. I also am drawn to "I Live On A Battlefield" and "The Distance," which is the title song. Again, the words hit me first and the melodies they are set to are a wonderful pairing.

The light hearted songs, such as "Keepin It Real," and "Wedding Day Blues," are not as addictive to me as the ones above. That being said, I do love them for their pure fun and I am looking forward to listening to these again, to get to know them better. "Woman's Gotta Have It" is without a doubt, the smash soul song of the CD. Elliott Yamin duets with Taylor Hicks and those two voices just BRING IT HOME! This is one of the songs I'd love to see a video of and also to see and hear live. All of the other songs have merit as well, and although "Nineteen" is a painful message to listen to, Taylor's version of this is just amazing.

All in all, I would say if you have not heard this new CD, get on over to Barnes and Nobel and treat yourself to a sample. And on March 10, be sure to purchase several for yourself and friends. This new Taylor Hicks blue eyed soul CD is going to cover and close The Distance in a very pleasing manner.

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