Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Soulful Studio C

Tuscon was hot this week and it wasn't just due to the weather. Taylor Hicks is lighting up the stage as Teen Angel, but made a stop at 92.9 The Mountain to appear on their Studio C segment. And what an appearance it was!

Studio C is an intimate look at an artist with interviews and music. This is Taylor Hicks at his acoustic finest...four songs...guitar and harp...and as much blue eyed soul as you can cram into a short time. This was a relaxed Taylor, playful with his audience, tender with the kids and their questions, and dead serious about giving his absolute best to his music. He sang "Bus Back to Birmingham," and then from his new CD, he sang "Seven Mile Breakdown." He followed that with a crowd pleaser, "The Fall," and ended with one of my favorites, "Alabama Frame of Mind."

This mini concert and his candid answers to the small audience, especially the kids, was one of the most enjoyable times to have spent with Taylor Hicks. He is truly remarkable as an artist, yet humble and so genuine that his charm shines through whether speaking or performing. If you were unlucky enough to have missed this amazing performance, do not fear! They are repeating it tonight at 8:30 pm and 11:30pm and tomorrow evening again at 11 pm. This is mountain time, so plan accordingly to where you live. Next week, Taylor's performance will be archived on their website to enjoy again and again. Check out their picture gallery while you are there. They have 53 gorgeous photos of Taylor in the studio!

Link to watch live this weekend:

Link to the Studio C on demand archives:

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Anonymous said...

A new way of presenting himself to the viewing public. Catch people getting ready for their day and do a "mini-concert" , have it replayed several times and VOILA, Taylor has injected himself into the local community . If he could do this at EVERY GREASE stop until the end of 2010, he would reach millions and millions of "virgin" ears. This would compensate for those people who are NOT able or willing to attend late evening venues. They would get a feel for what Taylor Hicks music is all about.

I am liking this and hope it continues.


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