Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taylor Hicks~The Distance Arrives on AOL!

The wait for the new Taylor Hicks CD is over...well sort of. It isn't for sale yet, but you can listen to a full preview of the entire album right here:

This is a great way to get a taste of what lies in store for Taylor Hicks fans on March 10th. I don't want to influence anyone with my opinions, so get on over there and have a listen for yourself! OK...I take that back. Pay SPECIAL attention to the beautifully done song called "Maybe You Should," sure to be a fan favorite. Taylor Hicks' voice shines through in all its pure Soul and Passion on this gem. This is blue eyed soul at its best! I am also quite fond of the title song.

So far, most have high praise for this new creative effort from Taylor Hicks. Many AOL Listening Parties are only up for a few days, so if you have not had the PLEASURE of checking out The Distance by Taylor Hicks, better hurry! You won't be disappointed...there is something for everyone here!

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