Sunday, November 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks~The Pearl River Produces a GEM!

This day marks the anniversary of Pearl River, the last stop of Taylor Hicks solo tour for his post Idol CD. As with Millersville, the show before The Pearl, the venue and the experience holds sentimental value for those who were lucky enough to attend. And for those of us who could not be there, many brought back outstanding media memories!

The Taylor Hicks Community remembers this amazing evening in video and photos in our Take 2 area...the last concert of an incredible Journey for Taylor. We are featuring some excellent video clips, one never seen before, and enough new photos to satisfy even the hungriest of Taylor Hicks appetites. True always to his artistry and genius, Taylor finds one End leads to a new Beginning, several in fact. A starring and recurring role in "Grease" as Teen Angel, and now...A NEW CD WHICH MEANS A NEW TOUR!

Fans are so very anxious to hear the new music which promises to be truly satisfying. from what Taylor Hicks himself tells us in his new audio blog at Taylor Hicks Headquarters. And we are READY FOR IT!

Taylor has been in France in pre production and is home now, and ready to complete his new CD. WELCOME HOME SOULMAN!

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san said...

You got that right, Gypsee! Pearl River was a gem of a concert. Taylor was on! It was the last one for a long time and we all knew it. It produced some amazing pictures and media...well worth checking out! Thanks for bringing together these fond memories for us to relive again.

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