Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks Live At Rams Head Stage!

Taylor Hicks will appear at Rams Head Stage on Feb 7th for a late show. You can buy tickets here:

So if you are lucky enough to be near Baltimore, Maryland that weekend, you are in for a Taylor Hicks Treat!

More Info:
Link To Site:


Anonymous said...

All the front row seats are sold out , as are many others. If you get the chance, go see this gig.

What songs he will sing and how he present these songs are still a mystery.

More info to come, I am hoping.


juliegr said...

Got my ticket along with some other SP memebers. Looking forward to a G-O-O-D time regardless of what he sings or how he presents the songs.

The long drought is almost over. ;)

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