Friday, November 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Whompin At The Warfield At Last! appears the long wait for Taylor Hicks Whomp At The Warfield DVD is over!

If you have an account at Amazon and check their site frequently, or perhaps get notifications from them, you will have found that this information about the Taylor Hicks DVD is now posted. You can go to the link below to order this DVD, which is one of the truly GREAT performances Taylor has given on his solo tour concert series. ImageEntertainment, which is the studio listed, has given this info on the content:

Taylor Hicks Whomp At The Warfield:
"FEATURED SONGS: Gonna Move, Give Me Tonight, Heart and Soul, Just to Feel That Way, My Friend, The Deal, Hold on to Your Love, Wherever I Lay My Hat, Soul Thing, Heaven Knows, The Maze, Right Place, The Runaround, The Fall, Badge, Naked in the Jungle."

Don't miss out on this fantastic ezperience! Whether you want to purchase Taylor Hicks Whomp At The Warfield to re-live your evening there or because you weren't lucky enough to see it in person, make sure to reserve your copy now by pre-ordering it right here!

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