Monday, January 19, 2009

Tayor Hicks~What's Right is Right~And THIS Is RIGHT!

OK the Taylor Hicks moment fans everywhere have been dying for has arrived. The single! It is now streamed on TH.HQ, so if you have a membership, get over there now. If you don't, well...this may be the answer to why sign up again :)

You can find the Taylor Hicks stream of "What's Right is Right" on the Main Page of HQ under the Grapevine. If this song doesn't melt you into a puddle of mush, then you must be made of ceeeement!

Go and Enjoy....I know my finger is falling off from hitting that repeat button. And PLEASE let's hope this doesn't turn up on any site that is not one of Taylor Hicks sites, since it is not available as a legal free download and will be for sale next week. This song is a sure hit with all the blue eyed soul, gospel, romantic aspects that any one mellow song could include. The lyrics are so is what the essence of every romance or friendship should be...great mass appeal.



juliegr said...

I listened to it on the q t last night as my hubby was sleeping. Being able to listen at full volume is such a pleasure. What a great song.

Lubiana said...

I LOVE the song! It's wonderful and I hope it does really well for him.

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