Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taylor Hicks~January 2007

Thinking back one year to where Taylor Hicks was in January, it is no surprise to find he was standing in front of LARGE audiences entertaining, just like he is now! One of the more memorable appearances was at the Liberty Bowl and Gala party, where he was interviewed on the football field and then shared his charm and talents with the party goers later on.

If you have not gotten to see the Taylor Hicks media from this event or have forgotten how really terrific it was, come on over to The Taylor Hicks Community's Take 2 section, where we are remembering the Liberty Bowl as one of the places where our SoulMan spent his last January. And then get yourself some tickets to "Grease" in Chicago and the after show at Martyrs for this January! This is what GOOD memories are made of!

Link to Liberty Bowl Memories:

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