Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Color Me GREASED!

The lights darkened, the usual announcements were made, and the play began. It was way more enjoyable than I ever thought. I think everyone has mastered their roles quite well. All were quite comfortable on the stage and sang well, and projected well. Act one excitement inside GREW.

Act Two....the curtain rises and so does our anticipation. They go through the first two scenes, and the giant ice cream cone is hanging there over the malt shop, and we know WHO is inside...LOL!

FINALLY...TAYLOR! The cone opens and there he is, larger than life, because we were so close to the stage. He begins singing, the audience is clapping hard for him! I nearly got weepy...I was so PROUD for him! He descends down and steps out and the MAGIC just takes over.

You could really tell he had come into that role. He hammed it up and sang it so well. I have never heard his voice stronger! He nailed that song and just entertained to the hilt. He is a born star, a born professional, and a born entertainer...and he MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY!

Cutain call....he comes out and again applause! He does the usual walking around with the cast, singing most of the lead on the last song, and trying his best to get the hand jive right...LOL! He is darling and funny, and what he didn't remember, he filled in with his Taylorized steps, and just blew us and the audience away!

I came away with my head and heart burstng with Pride and Happiness for our Taylor. He is indeed the BRIGHTEST STAR ON BROADWAY!

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juliegr said...

Great re-cap, Gypsee -- I'm going tomorrow (6/29). So looking forward to having a blast!

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