Sunday, June 8, 2008

IT'S A HIT!!!!

Taylor Hicks opened Friday night in "Grease" as Teen Angel to fabulous reviews and fantastic reception by theatre patrons and fans! Our SoulMan added his special "Taylor Hicks" touch to his number "Beauty School Dropout," complete with harmonica and his soulful voice.

Sporting a pompadour and black gittery suit, descending to the stage in a giant ice cream cone, Taylor was STAR QUALITY from start to finish. Throughout the various sites, you can find recaps and glowing reports, plus lots of wonderful photos. Some of these are ones fans took at the stage door or at Planet Hollywood, where Taylor was honored with his handprints and harmonica print after the show. On The Taylor Hicks Community Media Board, we have tons of professional and stunning photos of the show and Planet Hollywood.

The Taylor Hicks Community has chosen to respect the theatre's guidelines of no patron recording media during a performance. However, we welcome all stage door media and any other allowed "Grease" media that fans want to share.

Stop by our member area and take a peek at the mouth-watering goodies we have there, plus be sure to visit our very creative "Grease" Fan Graphics section. Wow, we have a talented Taylor Fanbase! Also don't miss Taylor and the "Grease" cast on Regis and Kelly this Friday. If you haven't been able to get play tickets, here is your chance to hear and see his number!

Taylor has made it from the streets and bars of Birmingham area to American Idol, to tour God, to BROADWAY STAR! His Dream has exceeded anything he could imagine and we couldn't be prouder.



KarinP said...

There are so many photographs of Taylor on his opening night. I wonder if he is still seeing spots!
He looked very, very happy and I thought his 'suit' was awesome too!

I am looking forward to his appearance on Regis and Kelly. He is always so well received on their show. Best of luck to Taylor on this unqiue summer experience.

Thanks, Gypsee!

Anonymous said...

So well said, Gypsee!
It was a long road getting there, but Taylor Hicks is a Broadway star! One NY theatre goer on opening night said his performance was outstanding and made the show!

I couldn't be any prouder!

RagsQueen said...

Bravo! Taylor Hicks sure does make me proud! From bar room to Broadway in less than three years! Now that's quite an accomplishment for anyone!

Anonymous said...

Great blod Gypsee!!! Taylor's journey continues to get better and bigger!! The pictures from opening night show us just how talented and versatile he is.

Thank you ! Taylor you make us proud to be your fans!!


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