Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taylor Hicks~As the Cone Descends, the Sales Ascend!

OK...we know Taylor Hicks makes an impression on audiences whenever and wherever he performs. He wowed us on Idol, he mesmerized us on the concert stage, he graces our television screens, but MAN...HAS HE MADE AN IMPACT ON BROADWAY!

The shows are selling out and stats tell us "Grease" sales are up by 18%, and Taylor is only in the first few weeks of his role. Coincidence? I think not...our silver haired SoulMan has brought his unique blend of quirk, talent, and pure charisma to the live theatre stage, and he has done it with charm, style, and TAYLORIZING!

Want to discuss this more and also see some great fan recaps and stage door photos? Hop on over to our message boards at The Taylor Hicks Community and then on to our media board. Taylor didn't confine his brand of Whomp and Soul to his own band. He has mixed and matched with several artists from different genres and what a match those were! TTHC Media is featuring video and photos from other artists Taylor has performed with in a special new forum. While you are checking out the terrific "Grease" reviews and media, stop by and check out these other artists too. It's all in the Take 2 section.

WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR MAN OF SOUL! He is making Spirits rise, he is making Smiles rise, and he is making Sales rise! If this isn't testimony to what a unique and true talent Taylor Hicks is, then Simon and Clive can eat my shorts, and in this hot weather, that isn't a pretty prospect. :)



Anonymous said...

Well, I've never seen a B'way show and I am tarveling with three others from California to see "Grease" in New York.

Does that mean that almost one in five people in the theater is there to see Mr. Hicks?

RagsQueen said...

The show is really quite good - even I was pleasantly surprised at how good the entire cast was and well they received Taylor into their fold! Glad to hear it's paying off for those who made the decision to add Taylor!

juliegr said...

After reading all the exciting comments about the play there is NO WAY I'm going to miss this golden opportunity. So my turn comes on 6/29!!! Yeah.

Gypsee said...

Great, Julie! Bring us back good recaps and stage door photos!

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