Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Angel Onstage and on the Greens

Taylor Hicks is a busy guy these days, starring as Teen Angel in "Grease." Mondays the theatre is dark. So our Angel proved he earned his title by spending his day off playing golf in a charity event for Autism Speaks. He has plenty of experience, both with golf and charities, as he has participated in the Bob Hope Classic twice and in the Regions Golf event in his home state. It's speaks a lot about Taylor, and it also does my heart good to know he is enjoying himself while once again helping children.

Taylor also found time to do an interview on WC11 TV in New York, which he handled with his usual grace and charm. Every time I see or hear something about our SoulMan, the pride just grows and grows. He is a consumate professional and a super nice guy, and definitely lives up to his Angel name this week! However, I won't be sending him a new sand wedge any time soon....:)


tishlp said...

Gypsee, you made the Google Alerts today! That's a nice picture of Taylor at the golf course. He's such a good person.

Gypsee said...

Thanks, tish! I am told this blog makes Google Alerts several times, but I never seem to get them...lol. But as long as it helps promote Taylor, it's all good.

juliegr said...

I just saw the alert also!! Congratulations on making the "internet times". Here's hoping to see more and more alerts from your blog on the net!


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