Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Early Works CD News Is Now Out! glad this is finally out there! August will prove to be a fun month for old and new Taylor Hicks fans. Vanguard Records is distributing his Early Works CD, which I understand to be a combination of much of his pre idol music from his early CDs. If you have not heard any of these, you are in for a major treat! Early Taylor Hicks music is every bit as talented and exciting as post Idol and in many ways to me, even more pleasurable since these are mostly original songs and certainly his unique styling of covers. What a super way to let new fans hear what has formed this amazing blues singer's present style. And yet, Taylor holds true to himself, both pre and post Idol.

August and Fall promise a wealth of Taylor Hicks enjoyment. The early works CD from Vanguard, followed by his new CD and hopefully the release of his DVD. And all of that spells new tour. the words of Sam Cooke and Taylor Hicks..."A Change is Going to Come" this fall. Can't Wait!

Stay tuned for more CD news as it becomes available.


mavis said...

Love Taylor's music! He's one of a kind and so-o-o multi-talented. I look forward to anything he has planned for the future. Wow! I feel a Taylor shopping spree coming on. Go Soul Man! Toffee

KarinP said...

This is great news! Finally, to have a firm date for the release. It is going to be an exciting Fall 2008!

Thanks for the info!

hickifino said...

Looking forward to having "Early Works" in my hot little hands! I plan to buy some for Soldiers Angels, as I can. The troops may need to hear "Somehow" and "My Friend."

juliegr said...

Hey Gypsee girl ~~~ thanks for the info on the record deal -- this is great news!

I'll be checking in OFTEN!

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