Friday, July 1, 2011

In Appreciation of July 4th~Taylor Hicks~Others

As I celebrate this weekend watching fireworks, eating good food with loving family and friends, enjoying the freedoms so many times we take for granted, I am struck with the thoughts of those overseas giving their time and love and hearts to allow us to continue to do these wonderful activities in Peace and Safety.

I wonder about their feelinlgs on this weekend and applaud the courage of these men and women who wake up on this grand Holiday with thoughts of how to stay alive, how to get home one day to their own families, and how to get through each day and each hour with your life at risk daily and your best friend is a weapon or the serviceman or woman next to you?

What must it be like for these brave ones who make the enjoyment of our Lives and Freedoms possible? What must it be like for their families who miss them and wonder if the next Fourth of July will bring their beloved sons, daughters, wives, fathers, and friends home alive and well to celebrate?

So on this Holiday, while I am rejoicing in my own Freedom to spend this time with my Loved Ones who are safe and sound at home with me, I will also light a candle in Thanks and to say YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED AND MISSED to the brave individuals who stand up for our country that I love so much. And thank you to the artists I love who also give of their hearts to help our Armed Forces and to the various organizations who see that our efforts get carried overseas to our wonderful Service Men and Women. May God Bless You All and Bring you Home safely to all of us!

Please visit our TMO_Media 4th of July thread for some beautiful musical honors by Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, and others, to our Fourth of July Holiday here:


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Gr8fulheart said...

I echo your sentiments, Gypsee. At times, we do take for granted all that we have; & most likely, most cannot fathom the day-to-day thoughts & actions of those serving our country; in knowing their loyalty to this country is as genuine as pure gold. We must never forget them; or what they have sacraficed for us.
God Bless America♥

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