Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor HIcks~Acoustic Magic in Michigan~

Last night, Taylor Hicks brought his special brand of blue eyed soul to the Detroit area. At The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI, the heat was not only coming from the weather outside!

Taylor Hicks in an acoustic show is something to behold and something to treasure for a long time to come. He spent the show in a chair with guitar and harp, surrounded by his "home boys," Brian Less on keyboards, John Kulinich on guitar, and Jason Parker on bass, all from the Birmingham area. You could not have asked for a better evening! His music included some early works and his new songs, which featured amazing versions of "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness," and "Maybe You Should," plus the added enjoyment of "Don't Let Me Down," with the fantastic skills of Brian Less. If you are a Brian fan as well as a Taylor fan, then you were very HAPPY last night!

I was lucky enough to attend and stand at the edge of the stage, so was able to hear and see this show quite well. As I looked back on what seemed to be a sellout house, the Joy and Enthusiasm on the faces of those there were evident. Taylor did one encore and truly brought down the roof on The Magic Bag! The venue was excellent....plenty of seating for all who didn't want to stand, and a nice pit which was not crowded. The air was nice and cool, but the atmosphere was HOT and ALIVE with excitement and music that to me, was unequaled by many other Taylor Hicks concerts that I have seen. "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" gave me chills and Taylor's voice could not have been better on this beautiful song. "Maybe You Should" was also tender and moving. Both songs brought some of us to tears with their intensity and passion.

This was a no video allowed venue and hopefully that will be honored. But photography was allowed and the photos are plentiful and awesome! The crowd was fantastic, receptive, considerate of silence when it was desired and cheering for each number for all they were worth! It was indeed a Bagful of Magic to share this special acoustical evening with an audience full of folks who were there loving Taylor Hicks and the band and the music. It is an experience that I will treasure always.

If you have ANY change to see Taylor and this new band in an acoustic setting, RUN TO THE NEAREST ONE! You will come away bewitched....that's a promise.

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While many people have blogged and commented on this tremendous show at The Magic Bag; the concensus seems to be:

Catagorically the best


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