Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Mitch Jones Interview

The Taylor Hicks Community is happy to once again bring you an interview with another friend and band mate of Taylor Hicks. Mitch Jones joins us to give some insights on those early days with Taylor and also to give us some info on his terrific new band, Buffalo Black. This is an Americana/Indie band playing in the Birmingham, AL area. They have a great new CD coming out July 27th and Brian Less and Patrick Lunceford stop in to play with them.

Mitch has some interesting and fun memories of Taylor Hicks as Taylor's friend and bass player for his former band Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, and is happy to share these with fans. Here is the link to check out this great interview and while you are there, check out our other interviews with Taylor's buddies. This read is open to everyone, members and non members, but you do need to be a member to talk with Mitch there.

Enjoy, and remember to pick up a copy of Taylor Hicks The Distance and a copy of Buffalo Black's new CD on June 27th at itunes!

Link to interview:

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