Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taylor Hicks and Billie Jean King~Fan Meets Fan!

Taylor Hicks appeared on MyFox Philadelphia today on their Good Day segment. He did a brief interview and performed a fantastic acoustic version of his new hit single,
"Seven Mile Breakdown."

While the performance was a highlight of the appearance, clearly the highlight for Taylor Hicks was that Billie Jean King, who was also on the show, was in the audience clapping along with the song. She was obviously impressed and came forward to shake hands with Taylor after his song. He was thrilled and you could tell, he was a FAN. After the performance, they cut away and then returned to a backstage scene, where Billie Jean signed Taylor's harmonica. This was a FAN MOMENT to cherish for him and for us! He was definitely excited and we weren't sure just WHO was the bigger fan of I have included a screencap of that moment backstage, since this part isn't yet on the Fox website archive.

To watch Taylor Hicks interview and performance on Good Day Philly, go here:

To get more screencaps from this show, including the backstage Billy Jean segment, check our member area on our media board.

So very cool to see a fan meet a fan!

"Grease" is now in Philadelphia until July 19th, so don't miss it! Oh, and it is still illegal to record any portion of the actual theatre performance.


cath said...

While I am not sure we can get Billy Jean to go to see Taylor in Grease or at a shadow tour, perhaps people in the Philadelphia area could catch a tennis match between the Philadelphia Freedoms and whomever else is in town. Billy Jean was the initiator for World Team Tennis and continues to promote it. ( Which was why she was on the TV show, I am sure) . The last three weeks in July find many professionals ( Agassi, Williams sisters ) and lower ranking pros competing in a team format unlike anything you have seen before. TV has begun to cover the WTT events. If you get a chance to go or to watch on TV , please do. If you are a tennis fan you won't be disappointed. Matches are at night 7 - 9 usually .

I apologize for the WTT commerical, but Billy Jean King has done wonders for the game of tennis. The fact that she likes Taylor's music is an indication of her "good taste", so I feel compelled to give her kudos and do a "shout out" for WTT.

juliegr said...

I saw that also Gypsee -- its so much fun to see Taylor have an opportunity to meet people he admired in his childhood. It was another moment like the Bozo the clown show appearance on the Chicago TV station. Taylor's delight was easily apparent.

RagsQueen said...

Nice to see Taylor having a 'fan' moment with his 'idols'!

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