Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Triple Door Excitement!

If you happened to be in Seattle this week, you would have had the chance to see a unique and energetic concert. Taylor Hicks appeared at the Triple Door and by all accounts, RAWKED the house! Mixing new music with some of his well known earlier CDs, the blue eyed soul singer gave his usual 110% performance, which has thrilled his audiences since the minute he first stepped onto the Idol stage until the present.

Songs in the Taylor Hicks set list included: "The Distance," "What's Right is Right," "I Live On A Battlefield," "Seven Mile Breakdown," and some earlier music..."Gonna Move," and "Heaven Knows/Maze." All in all, it proved to be a wonderful evening for those who were lucky enough to attend.

If you were not among those lucky folks, you can still share in the enjoyment through fans who filmed this event and shared that media. TTHC has several videos and photos to view and download, so if you were not able to make it to Taylor Hicks Triple Door concert or want to re-live the show, check out our Shadow Tour Media for The Triple Door at the TTHC Media Board.

It was a great show and many are looking forward to the next Shadow Show in Michigan at The Magic Bag. Info for this new show can be found here:

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cath said...

I want to thank RagsQueen for sharing her vids with the SP fanbase and to TTHC Media for presenting them for download.

There are other videos "out there" for viewing made by various fans in attendance. Thanks to them also.

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