Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks Debuts on AOL!

Wednesdays are proving to be exciting days for Taylor Hicks fans these last few weeks. Last Wednesday, we were treated to a fabulous performance on a return visit to the American Idol Results show and this Wednesday, we get a new video!

Taylor Hicks premieres his new video for his new hit single, "Seven Mile Breakdown" on AOL music. Fans everywhere experienced such pleasure watching his first video by the very talented Jake Davis for "What's Right is Right," and have eagerly awaited a new one. Spence Nicholson has worked his magic with Taylor as well and it has come to us fast!

Be sure to check out AOL music this Wednesday and give our SoulMan some support there for this great song that is sure to produce a great video. I cannot wait to see it!


sallyannlady said...

Thanks, Gypsee- man, this has happened so fast- I can't wait to see it. Would you post a link if you get there first tomorrow??

RagsQueen said...

Less than 24 hours, but who's counting! Can't wait to see the new video!

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