Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks~American Idol Performance Rocked!

Last night, Taylor Hicks returned to the American Idol stage with his best foot forward. He sang a country mix of his new awesome single, "Seven Mile Breakdown," complete with harp! He got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges, even Simon

Taylor Hicks ROCKED that AI stage last night. He was perfection in every way and the AI band did him justice without overshadowing his voice. It was real blue eyed soul night on AI and our SoulMan delievered! You can watch this fantastic performance on the embedded video above. This is a great second single release for Taylor and it has also been added to country music stations. There is also a new Taylor Hicks music video on the way for SMB, done by Spence Nicholson.

If you are not getting enough Taylor Hicks lately, then you must be asleep or in a coma :) He has lit up the radio and television stations, as well as continuing to grace the "Grease" stage, in every city he visits and has done some after shows in some areas.

Did America get the Season Five vote right?

For media and screencaps, visit TTHC. You will need to be a member to see these.

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KarinP said...

It was great to see Taylor on AI last night. Looking forward to the new video and the success of the new single.

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