Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Bodyguards For The Soul

Taylor Hicks is everywhere these days! Last night, he showed up on a segment of Fox Reality Channel's new show Bodyguards. The show chronicles the professional and personal lives of the two bodyguards Carmine and Mikey who work for high profile clients in New York at the various events which they attend. Our SoulMan was a big feature of this first show, reflecting his transportation and arrival to the Broadway Theatre and his attendance at the an evening event later on.

One of the BEST and most touching moments was when Taylor requested Carmine to stop in front of the large billboard featuring Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel in "Grease," so he could get a photo to "send home to his folks." How humble and cute is that?
Of course, there was Carmine's take on this maneuver, that Taylor was surrounded by energetic fans and only one bodyguard to protect him, and that once back in the vehicle, Taylor appeared a bit taken aback by the crowds. I am not sure if this was staging for the show or Taylor really felt that way, because he has encountered this everywhere he goes since winning Idol. But this is a great piece of footage for Taylor Hicks fans and a lot of fun to watch! They will repeat the show, I believe today. TTHC also has a capture of this to watch and keep in our "Grease" member section. I loved watching this and loved when Carmine said "He is hot!" I am pretty sure he didn't mean it like some of us do...LOL...but it is true on many levels. Taylor Hicks is definitely hot property on and offstage these days!


Anonymous said...

Taylor is so recognizable . There are many celebs that I wouldn't know walking down the street, but Taylor ( sans toboggan)is pretty familiar.

The impulsive gesture to mingle could create a problem for the BODYGUARDS. I can see why they want to shield their "client".


jerseyirish said...

The man amazes me, where does he find the time to do all he does? You never know where he will pop up next. Thanks for posting.


Gr8fulheart said...

This was fun to watch But I don't think Taylor really understood how 'out of hand' this could have become. He adores his fans & obviously Loves to mingle; BUT, a hornet's nest is quiet until something or someone stirs it up. Taylor can definately 'stir it up'!
And ~ Poor Carmine! He looked a bit 'shaken'! Anyone have a towel?

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